10 Steps to Success: Plan a Professional Meeting in Milford

10-steps-to-successOne of the best ways to get your team working together and start the New Year off on the right foot is to plan your next professional meeting in off-site meeting rooms. Taking your meeting away from the office has many benefits to employees, gets them away from the phones, cubicles and distractions, helps them to put a fresh perspective on the information that is being shared, and gets everyone excited about doing something different. It’s kind of like “field day” at school when you were a kid. You are still learning something, but you are getting out of the classroom to see and do new things.

Planning a professional meeting may seem overwhelming, but if you identify the key areas that need to be addressed, it can really be pretty straight-forward. If you want to host an effective meeting at the local Milford conference room, take a look at the steps below. These steps can even be applied if you want to invite a special speaker for a seminar in Milford, MA either before or after your meeting. Bringing out speakers, workshop leaders and other professionals who help inspire and motivate businesses can be a huge asset to any meeting.

#1 – What is the Purpose of the Meeting?
Depending on the nature of your business, you may be meeting together to discuss strategies for the next calendar year, solve a problem that is facing your industry, work on a new marketing campaign or combine a couple of agenda items into a single meeting. Whatever your purpose, state it clearly and create an “Agenda” to print out and follow.

#2 – What are the Goals of the Meeting?
What do you hope to achieve when planning a professional meeting? Do your want everyone to come to a conclusion and vote on a topic or do you just want at least a basic outline to be agreed upon before everyone leaves the meeting rooms? Make sure you know what your target is for the day so you can evaluate the success of hosting the meeting at the Milford conference room.

#3 – Pick a Date
When you choose a date for your meeting or seminar in Milford, MA, make sure to take into consideration important dates like deadlines, holidays and other reasons why some employees might not be able to attend.

#4 – Secure the Venue
Once you pick the date and know how many employees will be attending, you can speak with the coordinator at the meeting rooms to secure the venue. Make sure to let the coordinator know about any audio-visual equipment that you might require, such as flat screen televisions or screens for Power Point presentations and other visual aids.

#5 – Schedule Breaks
While it may seem counter-productive, it is important to schedule breaks when planning a professional meeting. Restroom breaks, smoke breaks, mobile device checking or email checking breaks, refreshment breaks – whatever you want to call them. Just make sure to schedule a short break once an hour.

#6 – Serve Food
Your employees will work better when their stomachs aren’t growling. Speak with the Milford conference room about setting up refreshments, such as coffee, tea, water and soda throughout the event, but consider serving a plated or buffet luncheon in the middle of the day. Make sure to include mealtimes as part of your schedule.

#7 – Add Team-Building Activities
Again, depending on the nature of your business and the desired goal of your meeting, you may want to include team-building activities, training sessions or problem solving group activities in the middle of the day.

#8 – Consider a Two-Day Event
If you have a lot of ground to cover and want to integrate other beneficial activities and opportunities when planning a professional meeting, consider scheduling the Milford conference room for a two-day event.

#9 – Take-Away Gifts
Some companies like to provide employees with a special gift for participating in the meeting or activity. It doesn’t have to be something expensive, like an iPad or trip to Jamaica, but it shouldn’t be something cheap that you got for free from a convention or something that is just available to all employees at the office anyway.

#10 – Send Reminders
When you plan an off-site event at meeting rooms for a professional meeting, workshop or seminar in Milford, MA, make sure to send out the invitation to attend, but also send out a reminder about a week before and then the day before the meeting to make sure everyone attends. Include a map and directions to the Milford conference room so there won’t be any confusion.

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