7 Ways to Boost Interest in a New England Business Conference

boost-interestA lot of hard work goes into the planning of a team building conference or business seminar. After you go through all the trouble of choosing a location, hiring speakers, setting up the plans for the day’s events, scheduling the caterer and adding in all of the technology options and opportunities required to pull the whole thing together, all that stands between you and success is getting people to show up to your event. While marketing plays a big part in getting the word out when you host business seminars and conference events, word of mouth can also be an important tool in your arsenal to get people registering for your meeting at the New England conference center.

This article will focus on seven specific ways that you can boost interest in your business conference at the local Milford conference room. You can use these ideas to help increase interest in the event as a whole, get people talking about the event and encourage your target audience to register ahead of time. If you are planning an in-house event for employees who will be attending by direction of the CEO or owner of the business, you won’t have to deal with concerns about boosting attendance. However, if you are reaching out to others within the industry community to come to your team building conference, these tips will be very helpful.

Tip #1 – Get People Excited
When you are looking forward to attending an event it’s because something about it is exciting. It is important to find unique ways to get your prospective attendees excited about going to your event. You can send out direct invitations to individuals, companies or managers that you know might be interested and you can also increase your demographic by talking about the event on social network websites. Your contact or mailing list can also be used to send out personal emails, newsletter mailers and other methods of direct marketing.

Tip #2 – Set the Date ASAP
The sooner you set the date for your event, the sooner people can start making plans to attend. They aren’t just planning on visiting the Milford conference room for your team building conference, they are making plans at local hotels, plans to go out to dinner for meetings before and after the event, and they will also be contacting colleagues and friends to attend with them. You can begin making social media posts, make a banner for your official website and post or hand out flyers at other industry events.

Tip #3 – Choose Good Speakers
The better your line-up of speakers at the New England conference center, the better. While the speaker might not be some celebrity that just any person on the street would recognize, they should definitely be someone that your target audience would know. Create a bio page about each speaker and include details about their experience, training, certification and any other knowledge that they might have that would increase interest in hearing them speak. Try to have a “big name” speaker for the second half of the day or on the second day of a multiple day event and sprinkle in some lesser-known, yet totally qualified, speakers throughout the rest of the conference.

Tip #4 – Share References
If this is not your first conference, make sure to let people know. Groups that host business seminars on a regular basis or professionally for a specific industry have the ability to grow their own reputation. Make sure to toot your own horn and let attendees know that you have hosted team building conference events that are successful. Include any testimonials in your marketing and even boast about current or previous sponsors, well-known attendees, exhibitors and any other relevant background information.

Tip #5 – Create a Good Name for Your Event
When you think up a name for your event, what you decide to call it in all of your promotional materials, make sure that the goal of the event is somehow included in the name. If you are hosting a team building conference, include that in the title. If you host business seminars for a specific industry, make sure to include that information in the name or at least prominently on the website and marketing information.

Tip #6 – Get the Word Out
Experiment with new ways to get the word out about your event. Send out formal invitations via post mail and email, but also make sure that you make phone calls to specific organizations that you would like to see attend. Create a specific website for your event that allows people to register or RSVP online. Consider creating an app that attendees can use to interact with content features before, during and after the team building conference. Consult with an event planner or marketing expert for other ideas that you can use to better reach your target audience.

Tip #7 – Get a Good Venue
Before you can host business seminars, you need to make sure you have a good location that will attract attendees and serve all of your needs and requirements. The Crystal Room Conference Center is located in Milford, Massachusetts, just a minute off the I-495 and is easily accessible by attendees from all over the New England area.

If you need a professionally managed New England conference center for your team building conference or to host business seminars for your business, contact the team at The Crystal Room Conference Center direct to reserve space and learn more about all of the options and opportunities available for you and your guests.