Best Practices for Board of Directors Meetings in New England

One of the most boring kinds of meetings to attend is the Board of Directors meeting. Whether your BOD represents a company, a union, or another type of organization, the monthly, quarterly, or annual meeting can be quite dull. Unless there’s a lot going on at the time, these meetings can go on and on, seemingly with no end. Interrupted only by a nice lunch and some personal conversation in between, the second half of the day can be sleep inducing. It is important to find a way to make your BOD meetings and other professional business meetings anything but boring if you want to hold the interest of your members and get anything accomplished that needs to be done.

Find a New Venue
Do you meet at the same place every month? Do you host your BOD meeting in the board room at the office? The first step toward making the BOD meeting more engaging is to take it off-site and move it to a new location. A local conference hall rental can be helpful, or even a trip to a nearby New England conference center can make a difference. Just get your board members to a brand new location with an entirely different view when you are ready to launch your new – and hopefully exciting – approach to the regular meeting.

The Crystal Room Conference Center is a well-appointed meeting room in Milford, MA that has lots of great amenities for your BOD meeting. Small or large accommodations are available, as well as ample space for bigger gatherings if you are so inclined. We host professional business meetings, company events, industry conferences, speaking engagements, and a laundry list of other corporate gatherings. Just a minute off of the I-495, we are convenient to most organizations within Southeastern Massachusetts, the Cape, and Rhode Island.

When the Planets Align
There is no 100 percent perfect scenario for scheduling a BOD meeting that will please everyone at the same time. However, it is possible to ensure that more of your members will show up to the meeting if you learn how to choose the right date and time for your conference hall rental. Other details, such as the food that gets served, the length of the meeting, the inclusion of strategic breaks throughout the day – these things will all help to hold their attention once you get them to attend. In fact, all of this is just as important as finding the best New England conference center for hosting these meetings.

Tips for choosing the best date, time, and duration, include:

  • avoid Mondays and Fridays, as they are often part of or in conjunction with holidays – besides, nobody does their best work on either day
  • check the calendar for holidays or other important days and avoid like the plague
  • start the meeting early in the day so things can be completed before 5 pm, but not so early that you make it impossible for some members to participate
  • regardless of the agenda, don’t ever plan a BOD meeting that will take more than six hours in total, excluding lunch and built-in breaks
  • the best sample time is usually 9 am to 5 pm with an hour lunch and four 15-minute breaks throughout the day

Essential Amenities
Another great way to keep everyone focused is to choose a location for your professional business meeting that has all of the amenities you need to put on a riveting meeting. For example, The Crystal Room Conference Center is a meeting room in Milford, MA that boasts plenty of ample parking, free Wi-Fi access for you and your guests, an optional mobile device charging station that can be used to keep everyone powered up, and an extensive audiovisual department to help you put on compelling presentations. Flat panel video screens, microphones and sound systems – these are just some of the tools available when you get a conference hall rental at this venue.

In-house catering can help you put on a great luncheon and provide your members with quality refreshments throughout the day. Check out our menu online or speak with one of our on-site event coordinators for more information on what you can expect. Ask about any specific amenities that you require, as we do work with vested outside vendors who can be brought in if there is anything else that you might need. Our team is dedicated to providing solutions to our clients, so if you need something specific for your BOD meeting at our New England conference center, just make sure to put in a request.

Contact The Crystal Room Conference Center
If you are in need of a conference hall rental for your upcoming BOD meeting or another type of professional business meeting, give us a call at 508-478-7800. We can schedule a tour of our facility or help you choose a date that works with your schedule. Call today and learn more about our newly renovated meeting room in Milford, MA.