Better Presentation Options for Massachusetts Board Meetings

Host Board Meetings in Milford at The Crystal Room Conference CenterCompared to other types of meetings, making presentation meeting plans for the entire board can be very intimidating. Whether you have “good news” or “bad news” to share with the board, there are lots of potential pitfalls associated with putting on this type of meeting. You want to come off as competent, professional, and organized when you get to the off-site meeting room in Milford, MA. In most situations, all it takes is a few little mistakes to derail the entire presentation. The more you can do ahead of time to prevent errors and common issues from causing problems, the better your overall results will be at the end of the day.

Have Enough Room for Everyone

Choose the venue for your meeting carefully. If you have anything to say about it, select a conference hall rental that has enough space for all of the board members and any extra attendees that might show up. You don’t want to be cramped into a Milford conference room designed for 30 and have 50 people arrive unexpectedly. Give yourself a bit of extra space just in case. Make sure that the venue knows your numbers might fluctuate, primarily if you will be serving food and beverage during the event. Remember to have space for refreshments to be served and room for tables with information or other items that you want to make available during the presentation.

Get Quality Technology

The venue that you choose for fulfilling your presentation meeting plans should also have all of the technology you require to pull off a successful meeting. Audio-visual equipment should include wireless microphones and speakers, screens for PowerPoint presentations, flat panel screens for video, free Wi-Fi for everyone in attendance, and mobile device charging stations to keep smartphones, tablets, and laptops ready to go throughout the day. The Crystal Room Conference Center has all of these features and more. Make sure to ask about them when you call to reserve space at our meeting room in Milford, MA. Our team can get you connected with just about any type of A-V equipment that you require.

Create a Smart Presentation

Whether you use PowerPoint for your presentation at the conference hall rental or if you use some other type of program, make sure that you create an error-free experience for everyone involved. There’s not much worse than standing in front of a full room of serious board members just to have your program stop working or malfunction. Do everything you can to engage your audience every step of the way.

Some tips for creating a memorable presentation include:

  • follow a specific format based on a formal or informal presentation
  • prepare carefully, double-checking each slide or bit of information for accuracy
  • avoid the use of bullet points in your slides, as the audience will read your slides instead of paying attention to what you are saying
  • never read from your slides and avoid redundancy whenever possible
  • use a mixture of media types, including handouts, quick downloads, and other takeaway items that will support the information you are presenting
  • state your intention early, whether you are merely reporting essential data or asking the board to take action
  • stay focused and remember to introduce one concept per slide to retain focus
  • when using technology at the Milford conference room, ask to come in ahead of the meeting to try everything out and make sure it is all working according to your needs

Have Confidence

You were chosen to make these presentation meeting plans for a reason. Whether this is your first time presenting before the board or if you have done it many times in the past, the more confident you are in your knowledge and abilities, the stronger you will come across in your presentation. Work with the venue to ensure that everything is in place at the meeting room in Milford, MA ahead of time. Water at each table, refreshments at the back of the room, paper and pens out for note-taking, handouts ready and available – whatever you want to include, make sure it is taken care of before anyone else arrives.

Schedule a tour of The Crystal Room Conference Center to see if our venue is right for you and your upcoming presentation meeting or corporate gathering. Our team can answer any questions that you might have about our Milford conference room and show you the options available for different sized events. Call today at 508-478-7800 to schedule a tour or to learn more about our venue.