Business Conference in Milford, Massachusetts: Create a Cool SWAG Bag

swag-bagOne of the weirdest things about going to a typical business conference in Massachusetts is that weird bag of stuff that they hand out to you when you register and get your badge or lanyard for the event. Who picks out all that junk that goes into those bags? The term SWAG translates to Stuff-We-All-Get and it describes the “goodie” bag of sponsor laden giveaways that event attendees receive at conferences and industry gatherings. While it is true that the offerings for SWAG, has improved over the years, it is still worth mentioning that those who host business seminars should at least spend a little more thought and energy into creating a cool SWAG bag that people will enjoy.

Start With the Bag

Choose a bag that makes a good first impression with your guests at the conference center in Milford, MA. It doesn’t need to scream out some sponsor logo or announce the theme of your event, but it should be a great looking bag that people won’t mind carrying around the Milford meeting room, to their cars, into their hotels or through the office to share with co-workers. You don’t want them to be embarrassed by the hideousness of the bag to the point where they can’t wait to ditch it in the nearest trash can at the end of the day.

Think About the Industry

You wouldn’t want to get bottle openers for a group that is meeting about alcoholism, so the same should hold true when considering the point of view, interests or focus of the attendees when you host a business conference in Massachusetts. If your industry works with social media marketing or web design, computer device oriented SWAG would be greatly appreciated, such as stylus pens, screen cleaners and other handy mobile kits. Think about what the people at the conference center in Milford, MA will appreciate and go from there as you make your selections. Not every group wants breath mints and stress dolls!

Consider the Value

When choosing SWAG items for your conference bags, think about the questions that attendees will ask themselves about whether to keep or toss the items that you put inside. Some things are funny or interesting and might only be used or considered during the event itself, but won’t make the cut to go home or back to the office. Some handouts are more valuable than others and should be considered regardless of the industry to at least some degree.

The top 5 most valuable SWAG items according to industry studies include:

  • electronic based giveaways
  • quality t-shirts and other clothing
  • stuff for kids – even sponsor-branded items
  • event-specific information, brochures, workbooks, etc.
  • functional items such as pens, stylus, iced-coffee style drink cups, mugs, etc.

The top 5 most thrown out SWAG items according to industry studies include:

  • overly branded items
  • items that have nothing to do with the industry or event
  • cheap and low-quality items (dollar store type stuff)
  • things that won’t pass airport security (large hand sanitizer, pocket knives, etc.)
  • embarrassing or ugly items

It is important to think through ever stage of your SWAG to know whether or not it will be kept and used or thrown away. For people who host business seminars that attract people from out of the area, the airport security issue is definitely something that needs to be considered. When purchasing SWAG, ask about regulations pertaining to the item. For example, the largest liquid item allowed in carry-on is now 3.4 ounces, leaving that 4 ounce bottle of hand sanitizer, sunblock or screen cleaner in the trash whether the attendee liked it or not.

The Crystal Room Conference Center in Milford, MA

Planning where to host business seminars is much easier for companies who want to plan an event in the New England area than it is to pick out SWAG. The Crystal Room is the premiere Milford meeting room in the area and can help you host your small to mid-sized business conference in Massachusetts, accommodating up to 300 people per event. We have ample on-site parking, catering, tons of technology offerings and options, as well as our beautifully designed conference center and meeting rooms for you and you guests to enjoy. Contact our team at 508-478-7800 to reserve space and start planning your big event today!