Business Luncheon Planning at a New England Conference Center

Once you have decided to host your business luncheon off-site at a local conference center in Milford, MA it is important to hit the ground running by making the arrangements with the venue. Choose a venue that is conveniently located and that features all of the parking, amenities, and options that you require for your corporate event. Take a tour of the facility to actually see the conference rooms and get a feel for the layout. There’s nothing quite like showing up to the venue day of only to discover that it wasn’t what you had imagined.

The Milford conference room at the Crystal Room Conference Center has plenty of space for you and your guests. Whether you are hosting a luncheon for employees, colleagues or as part of a larger gathering in the local area, you will find that we have all of the audio-visual equipment and technology you need. From our Wi-Fi access options for you and your guests to use during the luncheon to our optional mobile charging center, which can be used for all-day events to ensure that all devices are ready to go when needed. Located just a minute off the I-495, we are convenient to guests coming from all over the northeastern region.

Making Plans for the Luncheon
Once you set a date and reserve the space, the next step is to work with the on-site event coordinator to make sure that you have everything you need. It is more than just deciding between a buffet or served lunch, there are lots of other things to consider. The arrangement of the tables and chairs, whether you will be needing a screen to make a presentation, and even the timing of the meeting and the food service, should all be discussed.

Select a space at the New England conference center that will be “just right” for you and your guests. You don’t want everyone crammed into a small room, but you don’t want a group of 20 thrown into a large ballroom either. You need to work with the venue to make sure that you get the best options at the Milford conference room for your specific needs. Go over the variations on setting up tables and chairs so that everyone gets a good view of the presentation, and that they are able to mingle and talk with other guests.

Why an Off-Site Location is Best
There are many advantages to choosing to use conference rooms off-site from your office. First, it provides a nice outing for employees and is a great way to get them focused on new information or reward them for a job well done. Second, it removes all of the distractions of the office, which is important if you are introducing new products, information or skills during the luncheon. Third, if you are inviting colleagues from other companies or industry leaders that you haven’t met in-person yet, you don’t want to bring them into your office setting for the luncheon. The goal is to meet on neutral ground.

If the meeting part of your business luncheon will be intense and require a lot of audio-visual equipment, you can even speak with the conference center in Milford, MA about reserving two adjoining rooms, one for the meeting portion and the other for the luncheon. That way, guests can get up and move to the next room to eat, switching gears from the intense meeting and information sharing session to something more casual and friendly. This is a great set-up if your goal is to offer a networking opportunity for your guests in addition to sharing solid business information.

Selecting the Menu
Work with the event coordinator at the Milford conference room to pick a menu that will reflect the type of luncheon that you are hosting. A more formal affair would include a plated lunch at banquet style tables, featuring nice linens and beautiful place settings. A more casual gathering might include a buffet style meal that allows guests to make their own plates while they mingle with other attendees.

This is another advantage to hosting the event at off-site conference rooms, where you can bring in a caterer and host the event your way instead of being limited by restaurant policies or space at your office. Because it is a luncheon, make sure to choose a lighter menu at the New England conference center than you would for a dinner. The on-site event coordinator can help you choose a menu and type of service that will suit your needs and your budget.

Contact the Crystal Room Conference Center
As soon as you have the information on the date that you want to host your event, contact our conference center in Milford, MA to make arrangements. Some dates fill up faster than others due to wedding season, graduation season, holidays, and other local events, so the sooner you can reserve space at our Milford conference room, the better. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 to take a tour of our facility or to check on availability. Come see why so many area businesses trust our well-appointed New England conference center to host their important business and corporate events.