Business Seminars in Milford: How Much SWAG is Too Much SWAG?

If you are hosting a training seminar or planning a more extensive event at a local Milford conference center, it is important to focus on the details that will make your business gathering a success. Believe it or not, one of the things that attendees look forward to the most about business conferences is the SWAG. What is SWAG? It stands for “Stuff We All Get,” and it is the corporate-sponsored freebies that people collect when they go to an industry event. All those pens, mouse pads, stress balls, and other items that have the name and website of industry-related businesses emblazoned upon them are affectionately known as SWAG by those who host business seminars or attend events at a regional conference hall rental.

Quality Representation
When it comes to deciding on what SWAG your company will customize and provide when hosting a training seminar or sponsoring an event, it pays to be focused. Avoid getting a big group of employees together to brainstorm, as the more voices that are involved, the more confusing it can get. Everyone has their own ideas about what items should be ordered and given away to attendees, so it is better to choose two or three employees to work together instead of the entire marketing department. Having too much input can throw the whole process off-track, resulting in unnecessary delays and, ultimately, hurt feelings.

The best way to get quality representation through the SWAG items that you order for your company, it is best to start early and put in your order as soon as possible. Remember that the items will need to be customized with the name, website address, and contact information of your company, so it’s not as quick and easy as ordering 1,000 bulk items from Amazon and receiving them in two days with free shipping. You will need to order weeks in advance, regardless of the number of items you will be providing, to ensure that you get what you want on-time for the event. Work closely with the service you are going through to ensure that you get your products on-time.

Work Smarter, Not Harder
Get quotes early on from the vendors to ensure that you remain on budget. Carefully plot how many SWAG items you want for the Milford conference center, as well as any extras that you might want to share with employees or have available for clients over the next few months. Make sure you know about all fees, costs, and shipping for your products to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding. Investing in SWAG for an event at a local conference hall rental for an expo, seminar, or another type of sponsored event is just like investing in any other marketing product or vehicle. You need to make sure that you have carefully thought out the benefits of the products that you are choosing to get the best return on your investment.

There is a term used in the industry that you should keep in mind: “generic throw-away items.” This term is used to describe SWAG products that people pick up at business events and then toss into the trash – sometimes before they even leave the event. You don’t want your company items to fill up the bins at the expo, so it is important to take some time to do a little research to find something that will make a positive impression.

How many keychains, pens, magnets, and lanyards can one event attendee use? Why add to the pile of garbage items by bringing along another cheap bracelet or mouse pad? Brainstorm and think about things that you would use, either at the office or personally at home. The point is to create branded products that will be seen, not just by the recipient, but by their co-workers and other consumers out in the world. Phone chargers, reusable water bottles, coffee cups, notepads, tote bags – these are all examples of positive SWAG that will quickly become a great way to brand your business and positively market it to your target audience. While these items will cost more than a box of pens, you need to think about quality over quantity when deciding on the best product to choose.

Hosting a Training Seminar in Southeastern Massachusetts?
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