Celebrate Your Success! Host Company Party at Milford Venue

Celebrating a Business Success in Milford, MAWhether your goal is to get everyone together to celebrate a breakthrough, a big sale, a new client or just gather for the holidays, it pays to spend some quality time planning for your company party at a New England conference center venue. Choosing the right location means taking a tour of the facility to ensure that it can accommodate your target number of guests, offer all of the amenities that you require, and that it is available when you need it. If you have never planned a party or event at an off-site meeting room or conference hall rental, you might want to employ the services of a party planner or work with the venue’s event coordinator to ensure that nothing gets overlooked.

Avoid Common Mistakes
When most people think about company parties, they either think about those booze-filled events that create more regrets than positive memories. It is important to plan ahead to avoid those common mistakes, making sure that you provide for every eventuality. If alcohol is a potential problem, consider not including it with the party plans at the off-site meeting room. If you don’t want to cancel cocktails completely, consider having drink tickets to limit consumption, offer a single specialty cocktail in honor of the celebration, or stick to wine and beer instead of liquor. You could also offer free taxi or limousine services to employees to and from the venue to avoid drinking and driving situations.

Other mistakes seen at parties hosted in New England conference centers include not enough planning to ensure that everyone has a good time, neglecting quality catering or forgetting to hire a band, DJ or some other form of entertainment. Depending on your business, employees and focus of the celebration, you might want to hire a comedian, special speaker or other industry “celebrity” to really top off the evening. Don’t just blow up some balloons, order a bunch of pizzas and think everyone will stay. If your party is boring or lame in any way, your employees will be looking for excuses to leave the moment that they arrive. You want this to be a successful celebration at the Milford conference room, so make sure you plan for success!

Typical Party Schedule
The words “party” and “schedule” might sound like they don’t go together, but in truth, having a schedule of events for your company party is a great way to prevent it from becoming stagnant or boring. Go over your staging ideas for the conference hall rental, figure out where food will be served, where the bar or other refreshments will be set up, how you want everyone to be seated, and it will make everything much easier. Choose from standing cocktails and hors d’oeuvre, a buffet-style meal or a plated and served banquet dinner. Schedule time for mingling and chatting, along with time for interactive games, raffles, awards and presentations that you want to include in your celebratory evening.

Most company parties hosted at off-site locations, such as the New England conference center in Milford, last for at least four hours. A prepared schedule will help you to ensure that everything you want to include gets included, as well as to keep the momentum of the event moving forward. Off-site parties often include a “plus one” in the invite, allowing spouses and significant others to come and meet bosses, co-workers and other spouses. This can be very helpful in building a team, helping to include engage supportive assistance at home once they are able to put faces to names. Dancing can be included, if you have hired a band or a DJ, but in most cases, the party ends once the schedule has been completed, providing an opportunity to “call it a night” and send everyone home.

Basic Steps for Planning a Company Party
The first two things you need to do to help plan a successful company event, is to choose the date for the celebration and select a venue. If you have used our Milford conference room before, for professional meetings, mini-conferences, workshops and employee training sessions, you will be familiar with what is available at our conference hall rental. If you have not been to The Crystal Room Conference Center, you should schedule a tour and work with our on-site event coordinator to iron out all of the details. Once you have the venue and the date, you can start sending out invitations, working with vendors and plotting out your party.

When you contact our New England conference center, make sure to ask about vendors specifically. Most meeting rooms and other venues have rules and restrictions with regard to the vendors that can be hired for insurance purposes. We can also help you find all of the vendors that you need locally, saving you time by offering references for vetted services that will provide you with top quality results. Depending on when you host your party, you will want to give yourself either a couple of months or several weeks to get everything together for decorations, catering menus, entertainment and more. Our team can help you with the on-site details, even offer you in-house catering and a selection of menu items.

Visit The Crystal Room Conference Center in Milford, MA
If you are planning a company party or other type of corporate event, contact our Milford conference room by calling 508-478-7800. We can help take the stress out of planning your event at our local meeting room, which is conveniently located just a minute off the I-495, offers ample parking and lots of valuable amenities. Call today to check on availability or to reserve space at our conference hall rental facility.