Engaging Attendees: Plan an Educational Industry Conference

educational-conferenceOne of the biggest challenges that goes along with hosting a training conference is figuring out how to engage your attendees and keep them excited about the information you are providing throughout the event. The goal is to design and create unique learning experiences at your seminar in Milford, MA that will get people talking about what you have presented and bring it back to their companies to use for their benefit.

Connecting, engaging, inspiring and encouraging – these are just some of the objectives that you should have when you make plans to put on an educational industry conference. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in and what type of audience you are targeting, it is important to understand the balance between content delivery and delivering content in a way that is engaging. All of the information in the world will mean absolutely nothing if no one in the meeting rooms gets what you are saying or pays attention long enough to grasp it.

Start By Making a Connection
The best way to get your point across and engage your audience when hosting a training conference at The Crystal Room Milford conference center is to start by making a connection. Encourage participants to have meaningful discussions and join in on activities that are related to the topic at hand to help create a sort of “community bond” between everyone in the room. Name tags are often used to create automatic introductions, but it is important to take it a step further and interact with attendees when they enter the meeting rooms to get the ball rolling on a positive and connected point.

Some of the ways to accomplish this include:

  • going around the room and asking everyone to share a single word or thought about the topic that will be discussed
  • have everyone write down questions and drop them in a box
  • hand out sticky notes and have everyone write down a sub-topic within the topic and have them stick them to a board at the front of the room to use for discussion
  • stand at the door of the meeting rooms and personally greet each person as they enter to make them feel welcome and engage them with human contact

Create a Balanced Approach
When you begin to plan your seminar in Milford, MA for your company or industry event, make sure to create a truly balanced approach that combines the delivery of information with interactive elements. No one wants to go to an educational industry conference where the speaker simply talks “at” the group and no one discuses a thing. Our brains just will not soak up information as well with that approach. Make sure that you engage your audience in multiple ways when hosting a training conference to ensure that every person comes away with something valuable that they can use.

Some of the ways to accomplish this include:

  • consider providing information in 10-15 minute blocks and follow up with Q&A, a physical activity or a visual aide, such as a photo or video display
  • have attendees work together to think about what was said and write down new questions or comments about the information that was provided
  • invite participants to come up to the front of the group to interact with the speaker or visual aides in some way relative to the topic

Separate Into Groups
Another method that is often employed to help attendees immediately apply the knowledge that they have received is to separate them into groups and have them work together to accomplish a task. It is a good idea to separate people who clearly come into the meeting rooms together that work together or know each other already. Small groups of an odd number, such as five or seven, are more successful than larger groups or even numbered groups. This activity can take up half of your seminar in Milford, MA or can consist of just a 15-20 minute break from the lecture in between the delivery of information.

Some of the ways to accomplish this include:

  • have the groups perform a short skit that shows how the information provided can be applied in the workplace for the benefit of the company
  • give each group a specific sub-topic related to the primary focus of the lecture at the Milford conference center to discuss and then explain to the rest of the room
  • ask the groups to come up with a couple of examples in their own experience where the new information provided would have made for a positive solution
  • have the groups complete specific exercises at the educational industry conference that are related to the topic of discussion

Plan Your Seminar in Milford, MA
If you are interested in hosting a training conference or seminar in the Southeastern Massachusetts area, look no further than The Crystal Room Conference Center. Located in Milford, Massachusetts, The Crystal Room is a well-designed, tech-friendly venue that is perfect for your next educational industry conference or to simply provide meeting rooms and space for an office training event. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 to find out more about our venue or to schedule a tour of our facility.