Framingham Training Workshop at New England Conference Center

Framingham Training Workshop in Milford, MASome employees enjoy going off-site to attend a training workshop in Massachusetts, while others hate it. Many employers know that the best way to keep staff on top of the latest marketing techniques and technology trends is to provide quality training. Hosting a training conference can be a challenge, especially if employees at your Framingham business are reluctant to attend. Making the event mandatory can help to improve attendance, but you’ll have to take it a step further to get staff to engage in a workshop at the local New England conference center.

Why Host a Training Workshop

Employees who regularly participate in professional training are more prepared for new opportunities in the workplace. When challenges arise, whether in sales, marketing, customer service, or management, those employees are more likely to succeed. Companies that host business seminars on a regular basis provide their team with the tools they need to meet challenges head-on and make advances that benefit everyone across the board. The goal could be to provide a training workshop in Massachusetts that helps employees brush up on skills they haven’t used in awhile or to introduce new techniques or methods designed to increase sales or business opportunities.

How to Make Training Fun

One of the most difficult aspects of hosting a training conference is getting everyone enthusiastic about participating. Most employees will try to avoid sitting in a New England conference center for an entire day working on training exercises. You need to provide your team with incentives to attend rather than simply making it a mandatory event. Plan out your efforts and include regular breaks, refreshments, and provide a quality catered luncheon. Ensure that staff has time to arrive at the venue and give them extra time to get to their end-of-day destinations without inconvenience. Many people have errands to run, children to pick-up, and dinner to make still when they get home. If possible, allow training day to end an hour before the regular workday to give them time for personal activities.

If you are hiring someone to run your training workshop in Massachusetts, make sure to choose an engaging speaker. There’s nothing worse than a boring, monotone speaker who does not engage the audience. If you can’t hear the speaker in-person, at least ask about online video opportunities for you to evaluate their style. Also include some type of visual aide that employees can take home with them, either via a web-based information sheet or through printed materials. Allow time for questions and answers or at least have some sort of interactive activity at the end of the workshop, so you will know whether the information shared got through to your staff. This is the best way to evaluate success.

Goals of Training Workshops

In the end, it is important to know whether your goals for hosting a training conference have been met. Identifying these goals during the planning phase can help you to stay on track and ensure that everyone gets something out of attending the event at the New England conference center. When you host business seminars, you should have at least a general idea of what you hope employees will take away at the end of the day. Some examples of this include:

  • Tools & Resources – Employees should at least walk away with the knowledge that will provide them with new tools and resources that they can use to improve their performance or adapt to new methods being used in their daily work. This should help them to be more effective and efficient at the job site and provide them with more confidence in their assigned tasks or duties.
  • Certification – Depending on your industry, hosting a training conference could end with your team members being certified for a certain skill. Even if a true industry certification is not available, consider documenting training by including a training certificate for the skill that was learned in their employee file. Present them with a certificate that they can display in their office or workspace to encourage others to participate in future training workshop events.
  • Prepare for Promotion – Some companies host business seminars so they can spot out the natural leaders who might be ready to take on a management or supervisory role. If this is your goal, make sure to choose activities that will reveal leadership qualities when hosting a training conference.

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