Hosting a Greater Boston Expo for Theme-Based Interest Groups

Greater Boston Expo PlanningIf you are looking for a new way to turn your favorite hobby or interest into a money-making machine, consider hosting an expo event. Who could have ever imagined the success of the annual comic conventions, which attract hundreds of thousands of attendees nationwide? There are similar offerings for people with other interests, including craft fairs, cooking events, sports fan festivals, and car shows. While some of these have been around for quite awhile, others are relatively new. They attract individuals and groups with varying degrees of interest, ranging from casual fans to die-hard devotees. It is important to “get it right” with this type of event, as there will be many judging your success. However, a well-planned gathering at an expo venue in the Boston area could put you on the path to full-time event planning and a special reverence within the fan universe.

Step One: Check Your Demographic

While your goal might be to be the “must attend” event of the year, drawing eager attendees from all over the globe, it pays to start small. If you are going to host a gathering at a local conference center in Milford, MA, make sure you know how many people would be interested. Do you have a website or social media page that might give you a clue? Do you belong to a group or club that would allow you to send out an email survey to their mailing list? Spend some time making sure that your efforts would be noticed, appreciated, and acted upon in the form of registrations for a local event. Once you have an idea of how many guests you will be able to attract, you can book the Milford conference center and start making plans.

Step Two: Budget

While you might be charging a fee for people to attend when you host a Greater Boston expo, you will need some cash ahead of time to hire vendors and special guests, market the event, and create printed materials. If you own a business that is related to the theme of your event, you may be able to invest in the gathering as a means of increasing your reach. However, the best course of action is to put out feelers for potential sponsors to boost cash flow.

General “show sponsors” are great, but make sure to offer multiple levels of participation to get more related companies involved. Smaller sponsorships get smaller banners and opportunities at the expo, while larger sponsorships can earn free booths, passes for staff, large banners, and extra opportunities. Specific sponsorships are great as well, such as sponsors for speakers, parties, lunches, and appearances. Those sponsors should get exclusive marketing opportunities during the event or activity that they are sponsoring.

Step Three: Schedule

It is essential to the success of your event at the Milford conference center to have a schedule for the expo event in the Boston area. Whether a single-day or multi-day event, make sure to plan everything out for the benefit of the attendee. A sample schedule could include:

  • 9 am – Doors Open, Registration Begins
  • 10 am – Special Speaker/Presentation
  • 12 pm – Buffet Luncheon sponsored by Company X
  • 1 pm – Workshops & Seminars
  • 3 pm – Personal Appearance by Industry Celebrity
  • 5 pm – Networking Party sponsored by Company Z

Be sure to include things like restroom breaks, refreshment breaks, and other opportunities in between the slotted speaker and workshop activities. You want to make sure that your audience is engaged and that they don’t miss out on something important because you didn’t schedule enough time for breaks in between events. The goal is to create a positive buzz about your event at the conference center in Milford, MA, so make sure to put the guest first.

Step Four: Market Effectively

Even if you already know that you have 100 guaranteed guests for your gathering, why not go a little further? Market your event in radio, print, and internet-based advertising outlets, put up signs, and take advantage of local newspapers, bulletins, and other options. Even if people don’t attend your first gathering at the expo venue in the Boston area, they just might come to the next one. The important thing is to put the name of the event and the idea out there to attract interest. One person might see your sign and tell someone else, who goes online immediately to register for the event. You need to build a brand and a reputation while making plans to host a Greater Boston expo.

Tour the Crystal Room Conference Center

When looking for an expo venue in the Boston area, consider Milford. Located just a minute off the I-495, we are conveniently located for guests coming from all over the northeastern region. The Crystal Room Conference Center in Milford, MA has all of the space and amenities you need to start planning an interest-based expo. Our team can answer any questions that you might have about our Milford conference center and schedule a tour of the facility. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 to inquire about our facility for your upcoming event.