Hosting a Training Conference and Exploring New Sponsor Ideas

sponsor-opportunitiesIt can cost a lot of money to hold a conference. From the rental of the Milford meeting room to the catering, the evening gatherings and parties to the special guest speakers, the budget for holding a small to mid-size event can quickly grow out of control. Putting on an event that will attract fifty or more people from various companies and areas around the country means going all out and having as many valuable and memorable moments as possible. In order to do that, many event planners rely on sponsorships of various things within the conference to offset costs.

Standard sponsorship of lanyards and parties may seem old hat, but they are still great ways to boost your event budget and help you to achieve your goals. Knowing ahead of time how much it will cost to do the things that you want to do will help you to set sponsorship rates to ensure that everything is covered. Sponsors should be allowed to hang banners, hand out business cards or get a special area at the event for their staff. Make sure that your sponsorship opportunities offer value to the sponsors in order to gain their support again the next time you are hosting a training conference or event.

New Ideas in Sponsorship Opportunities

While many things have changed over the years with regard to putting on an industry gathering, many things have also stayed the same. The following ideas pertain to some of the new ideas in sponsorships for events at The Crystal Room, the premiere Southeastern Massachusetts conference center. The amenities and options available to event planners at this meeting room in Milford, MA make it possible to extend your sponsorship opportunities and add value to the event overall for your attendees and supporters alike.

CHARGING STATIONS – One of the advantages that you have when going with a Milford conference hall at The Crystal Room is the option to add charging stations for your attendees and staff members. Inviting companies to sponsor the charging station is a great way to get them involved in the tech side of the event. Everyone needs to charge something when they are at a conference with all of the smartphones, laptops and tablets we see at these events. Sponsors can post a banner that says, “FREE Device Charging Provided By…” and include their name, website address and other contact information. Business cards, brochures and other print take-aways can be included within the charging station area.

FREE WI-FI – Another advantage that you have when hosting a training conference at The Crystal Room meeting room in Milford, MA is that the opportunity to include free Wi-Fi access for your attendees and staff members is available. When attendees know that they will be able to connect their computers, tablets and smartphones directly to the Internet via free Wi-Fi services at the conference event, they will be even more excited about attending. Inviting sponsorship of the Wi-Fi services gives your sponsors the chance to be a very visible hero by providing free access to attendees. Again, setting up a banner or including information about the sponsor that provides the Wi-Fi in your event brochures or website is a great way to get your supporters some recognition.

EVENT APPS – Creating a unique app for your registered attendees to use that includes information about speaker schedules, sponsored meals, training seminars, parties and other events is a great way to gain the interest of sponsors. Many sponsors like supporting an event app because it is easy to track how many people downloaded the app and how many clicked on the various sponsored functions or banner ads within the apps. Limit the number of sponsors for this opportunity. Too many banners will dilute the benefits for everyone involved. Keep app sponsors to five maximum for best results.

QR CODE CONTESTS – Another great use of technology is to offer an interactive way to get your attendees to visit sponsor booths, tables or events at the Milford conference center. QR Codes can be used to create games or scavenger hunts that require players to use tablets or smartphones to scan the codes to get clues that will lead them to the next clue. Each clue should lead them to find out more about another sponsor. Sponsors contribute money to the game which is used to purchase a prize for the winner. Another option is to offer a dozen small prizes and then lead participants to be present for a drawing to give away a larger prize at a dinner or another sponsored event within the conference.

Reserve Your Space at the Meeting Room in Milford, MA

If you are ready to start planning your upcoming business event or you are interested in hosting a training conference at a Southeastern Massachusetts conference center, look no further than The Crystal Room. Our facility is more than just another Milford meeting room, it is the best place to hold your professional events, seminars and gatherings with lots of great opportunities and amenities to choose from for your guests.

Our Milford conference center can accommodate small groups of 80 or less as well as larger meeting rooms that can handle up to 300 guests. We are centrally located and convenient, just a minute from the 495, serving the needs of event coordinators in Rhode Island, Connecticut and eastern Massachusetts. Call The Crystal Room Conference Center in Milford, MA at 508-478-7800 and secure the date for your next corporate event today!