Hosting a Training Conference in Milford: 5 Ways to Improve

5-improvementsOne of the most difficult aspects of hosting a training conference is in making the event more exciting, memorable and valuable to those that attend. With all of the industry gatherings held at local conference center locations throughout the year and the big expos and conventions that fly people off to exotic places, it is hard to compete, stay relevant and provide attendees with something they can use. If you are planning a seminar in Milford, MA for your company or industry, after you book your Milford conference room it’s time to start implementing these five different methods for improving the overall content of your event.

#1 – Create a Theme
Each training conference needs to have a focus. By choosing a theme for your event, you assure that everyone will stay on point and keep their discussions, training and efforts going in much of the same direction. Make sure to apprise any guest speakers, workshop leaders and other “headliners” at the conference center about your primary theme. While there will be some alternative topics that relate to the main theme of the event that will work, the point is that the overall driving force behind this opportunity of hosting a training conference will at least stay cohesive.

Choose a theme that will:

  • Attract attention and get people to the Milford conference room.
  • Offer something useful that attendees can apply to their daily jobs.
  • Has enough overall content that can be used to fill the entire seminar in Milford, MA.

#2 – Hire Great Speakers
One of the biggest complaints that we hear about conferences that did not go well is that the speaker was boring or ill-prepared. If you are not hiring an industry expert who has experience working in your field, at least make sure to hire someone that is respected within your industry, that attendees will be able to identify with, respect and want to hear speak. If you still aren’t sure, consider getting references or ask to watch a past speaking engagement on video. Many professional speakers and industry experts who speak a lot have video of their previous lectures that they share with event planners.

#3 – Plan Lots of Breaks
One thing that can help in hosting a training conference that people will enjoy is to remember to plan lots of breaks. Speak with the conference center about catering options, which can include a beverage stand, finger foods, a light continental breakfast, a buffet lunch or any other type of food-based offerings that you want to include. Schedule breaks between speakers at your seminar in Milford, MA so attendees can use the restroom, take a smoke break if they need it and get something to drink. Whatever other types of catering you offer, at least provide water bottles, coffee and possibly soda pop part way through the day. Food should be served if you are keeping attendees through lunch and/or dinner times.

#4 – Think Outside the Box
Aside from having a speaker stand up in the Milford conference room to talk for an hour or so about a specific topic, it can be beneficial to think about other methods for content delivery. Digital content is very popular right now and most industry professionals have smartphones, tablets, laptops and other computer devices that they bring with them to conference center events. Rather than handing out a binder full of boring paperwork, consider giving hand-out information to your guests via digital content delivery options. You can also conduct interactive exercises and provide useful app downloads, videos and other beneficial content via digital media that will get your guests excited and talking about your event.

Just make sure that the digital content you choose can:

  • Be used across multiple browsers, media formats and operating systems.
  • Is searchable and shareable with other co-workers.
  • Allows a simple sign-in and sign-out process to avoid hiccups.
  • Can be used across multiple devices.

#5 – Go High Tech
When you are hosting a training conference that you want your guests to remember and talk about when they go back to work, make sure to employ all of the high tech elements at your disposal. Beyond the digital content offerings, work with the Milford conference room to provide your guests access to high speed Wi-Fi access and our 150-unit charging station, which can be used to charge up smartphones, tablets, laptops and other mobile devices. Look into our wide variety of audio/visual equipment, lighting and other opportunities that can help you add some excitement to your seminar in Milford, MA. Forget that dry erase board and stack of dusty flyers, it’s time to make your event high tech!

Reserving Space at the Conference Center
Before you can plan out any other details of your event when hosting a training conference in the New England area, you need to pick out and reserve space at the conference center of your choice. The Crystal Room Conference Center in Milford, Massachusetts is the perfect place to host your event. Not only do we have all of the technology options and opportunities that you and your guests desire, but we are also centrally located and easy to access from anywhere in the northeastern states. We are literally just a minute off the I-495 in Eastern Massachusetts, making us convenient to attendees from all over the region.

Give us a call today at 508-478-7800 to find out more about all of the amenities and options available at The Crystal Room Conference Center, as well as all of the local advantages to hosting a seminar in Milford, MA. Our team can help you plan your event down to the very last detail and hook you up with on-site catering, valet parking and any other extra offering you desire. Call our experienced event planners and start planning your training conference right away!