Hosting a Training Conference & Seminar Series in Massachusetts

Host Industry Conference in MassachusettsIf you have ever attended a business conference in Massachusetts, you know how beneficial it can be. Having the opportunity to learn from industry leaders, network with colleagues, and get a sneak peek at coming technology and techniques can help to push your business to the next level. However, there is another way to gain even more from an industry event: consider hosting a training conference yourself. Planning a business event at a conference center in Milford, MA can open up brand new doors for you and help you to establish yourself as a leader or expert in your own right. You will be able to network with business owners instead of sales and marketing team members, elevating your status within the industry.

Step One: Select a Topic or Theme

Depending on the industry that you are in, there may be several different topics that would be of interest to potential attendees. It can be helpful to choose issues that are relevant, having something to do with changes, trends, or new directions affecting your business. Think about the type of event that you would like to attend when hosting a training conference. What things would you want to learn about or hear industry leaders discuss in a forum or classroom-type setting? Make sure that the topic you select is something that would draw attendees to your event at the Milford conference hall.

Step Two: Know Your Demographic

Marketing to a bunch of industry professionals is not unlike marketing to consumers. You need to know your demographic and understand what they want and what will motivate them to come to a business conference in Massachusetts. Before you firm up any of your plans, including the date, topic, and speakers, do some research so you can increase the return on your investment. This is a business plan and should be treated as such, ensuring a successful profit every step of the way. Make sure that you will be able to attract enough attendees to make it all worthwhile and reach out to potential sponsors and industry professionals to see if they would be interested in participating.

Step Three: Secure the Venue

Once you know how many people are likely to attend when hosting a training conference, you can pick a date and secure the venue. You don’t want to get a location that is so large that it makes your 100 or 200 person event look small. You also don’t want to promise a large attendance to exhibitors who rent space at your event only to have half of the people you expected actually register and show up. It can be a delicate balancing act. You need to reserve space at the conference center in Milford, MA as soon as possible, but you don’t want to move too quickly and over-book or under-book the venue. Work with the on-site event coordinator at our Milford conference hall for effective communication throughout the planning process.

Step Four: Hire Quality Speakers

Don’t just ask “Mr. Jones” from “Company X” to come and speak about product development when you could hire a big name that is well-known and respected to inspire and motivate your audience. Big names draw significant numbers, so make sure to promote the individual speakers and let potential attendees know that registration is limited. This will increase sign-ups and help you to get a better handle on the exact number of registered attendees for the event. If you have other activities, including events or parties, make sure to post those as well. The more information you can provide upfront about everything from the venue to the speakers when hosting a training conference the better.

Step Five: Secure Sponsors & Vendors

The cost to host a business conference in Massachusetts can be considerable, and the best way to pay for it all is to attract industry sponsors. Make sure to have sponsors for everything from refreshments during seminars to special speakers and everything in between. Provide opportunities for sponsorship, such as banners on the wall, advertisements on the event website, co-branding options, and anything else you can think of that will help the sponsors get the most out of their involvement.

Step Six: Market the Event

Do everything you can to get the word out about your event. Use social media, word-of-mouth, blog posting, print and online advertising, and any other places where your target demographic might see it. Get information on the event out there in the world and do everything you can to encourage or increase registrations for your business conference in Massachusetts. Hosting a training conference can be overwhelming, but when you get organized early, stay on top of everything that needs to be done and secure a quality conference center in Milford, MA it will be a success!

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