Hosting Large Corporate Events in Southeastern Massachusetts

Host Large Corporate Event in MassachusettsWhen making plans for Massachusetts corporate events, it is crucial to find a space that will suit your needs. A meeting and conference center that is too large for your group of 250 attendees will make all of your planning efforts and staging appear small. On the other hand, if you select a New England conference center that is too small, there won’t be enough room for all of your featured activities and opportunities or for people to spread out and network between seminars and training sessions. To avoid both of these failed scenarios, it is essential that you find a place that will best suit your needs. Whether you are hosting a convention, team-building conference, seminar series or planning a company party, the key is to find a venue that can appropriately accommodate your event.

The Advantage of Small Conference Centers

When you start looking at venues for your corporate event, make sure to start by asking about the number of guests that can be in attendance. If you are restricting the audience to 100 guests, you won’t need a hall that can seat 300. Consider meeting rooms instead of ballrooms or facilities that offer multiple size options to accommodate your needs. The Crystal Room Conference Center features two distinct spaces, the Murano Room for smaller events and the Crystal Room for larger gatherings. We have hosted professional meetings, industry expos, corporate conferences, and have even helped many clients with planning a company party for an annual awards dinner celebration.

Our facility has all of the amenities that you could ever need at a meeting and conference center. From in-house catering for all of your beverage and food service needs to on-site event planning support from our team of highly trained and experienced coordinators. We also offer our clients options for advanced technology audiovisual equipment ranging from flat panel screens to wireless microphones and full-spectrum PA systems. Ask about our free Wi-Fi service for you and all of your attendees, as well as our mobile device charging stations which can be set up to allow for access during your event. Keep everyone connected and posting online about your event in real time to create buzz for your next gathering.

Flexible and Attentive Staff

Another hallmark of a good New England conference center is a team of highly flexible and very attentive staff. Everyone from the initial sales team to support staff, servers and valet parking providers, should be professional and ready to assist your attendees every step of the way. This creates a very positive impression, not just for the venue itself, but for the reputation of your Massachusetts corporate events going forward. When it comes to professional conferences and conventions, there are two things that people notice the most: the venue and the food. If both are provided effectively and efficiently, supported by intuitive and experienced staff, then everything will go seamlessly throughout the event.

Meet with the team at our Milford conference center when planning a company party or corporate gathering of any kind. We can answer questions about our facility, assist in planning, offer referrals to local vendors, and provide all of the tools and equipment that you need to be successful. Our many years of experience working with local clients has helped to give us a unique insight into the strategies required to pull off a winning event. Let us share that knowledge with you when you visit The Crystal Room Conference Center to start planning your corporate event. We can offer a comprehensive quote for our services to help you stay on budget and provide in-house services designed to save you time during the planning process while making you look good in front of your attendees and sponsors.

Location, Location, Location

Another thing that you want to consider when choosing the best New England conference center for your event is the location. While some companies bring everyone into the city to host a big event, other businesses know that many of the shops, restaurants, clubs, and activities found in the Boston area can be a huge distraction. Choosing to go outside the city to a smaller venue can be a win-win. Not only do you create a “captive audience,” but you can also offer perks and options that the bigger cities cannot accommodate. One example is free on-site parking. We have space adjacent to our venue that can handle over 100 vehicles. This eliminates many of the traffic and parking issues experienced at locations in busy areas of the city.

We are located less than a mile and just about a minute off the I-495, making The Crystal Room Conference Center convenient to guests coming from all over the northeastern region, as well as local and international airports. The service we provide and the quality of the venue and amenities offered really helps to separate us from other meeting and conference center facilities in the Greater Boston region. To learn more about our venue and the technology, tools, options, catering, and opportunities available, give us a call at 508-478-7800. Our team can schedule a tour of the facility or help you select a conference date that works best for you and your goals.