How to Design a Training Workshop for Framingham Non-Profits

Planning a Training Seminar ConferenceHosting a training workshop in Massachusetts can be extremely beneficial to a non-profit organization in a number of ways. The training could be for paid staff, volunteers, supporters or other people who are involved in the organization to provide useful knowledge and information that will help to further the cause. Planning, formatting and reviewing what needs to be included in a workshop can be a daunting task. However, even if you don’t have experience hosting a training seminar or have never had to host business seminars before in your life, it is possible to be quite successful if you take the time to get organized.

Step One – Create a Basic Plan
There are a few things that you need to sketch out before you make any major plans that are set in stone. Think about what you want your participants to learn at the training workshop in Massachusetts during your time at the conference center. An overall topic is good, along with a couple of sub-topics to really round out the information that is being provided. You will need to figure out how much time you will need for hosting a training seminar and whether it will be a one day event or happen over the course of a few days.

Step Two – Focus on the Details
Once you have a basic idea of the information you want to convey to the attendees when you host business seminars, it is time to start working on the details. Try to set at least three goals for your workshop that include specifics on what you want participants to learn. Suggestions include how to do something, methods used to make improvements and tips on tools, technology and other information that can make their work even more effective and productive.

Know who your audience is and identify the areas that they will likely want to know about the most so you can tailor your approach to their needs and interests. Incorporate multiple teaching and learning styles into your format, including interactive features like group exercises, discussion and Q&A, along with classroom teaching, audio-visual presentations, special guest speakers, and more. Provide time for feedback and further discussion, depending on the topic or the needs of your audience.

Some examples of different teaching and learning styles include:

  • Visual – slides, PowerPoint presentations, flip charts, and videos
  • Interactive – whole group discussion, small group discussion, team exercises, and pairs exercises
  • Introspective – provide time for reading, reviewing and absorbing the information as an individual
  • Traditional – classroom teaching, lectures, workbooks, guest speakers and handouts

Step Three – Create a Schedule
Another important job to remember when planning a training workshop in Massachusetts, is to create a schedule for the day’s or multi-day’s events. When you host business seminars in the Framingham, MA area, make sure to choose a conference center location that is easy to find, offers plenty of parking and amenities, and also provides things like refreshments, luncheons and dinners. This will help you to provide for the needs of your attendees, without them leaving the site to go out for food or drinks. When hosting a training seminar, make sure to do everything in your power to keep the attendees entertained, fed and informed about what is going on at the event.

Things to include in your schedule:

  • special guest speakers
  • training videos and instruction
  • interactive exercises
  • restroom or smoking breaks
  • refreshment periods for coffee and snacks
  • meal breaks for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner

Reserve Your Space for Training Seminars
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