How to Get the Most Out of a Training Workshop in Milford, MA

maximize-roiThe best way to learn how to plan a training workshop, professional meeting or industry conference that will provide something valuable to the people that attend, is to learn how to get the most out of attending a training workshop in Massachusetts. It can be difficult to plan a business gathering, from securing the conference hall rental to ferreting out the best speakers, planning a menu or social occasion within the event and making sure everyone shows up on the right day and at the right location. If you don’t have any experience planning a professional meeting or event, it can be downright overwhelming if you don’t get things started with a solid game plan.

The Three W’s of Business Events
When you are coordinating an event in a local meeting room in Milford, MA or planning a larger conference event at your local New England conference center, it is important to make it as valuable and engaging as possible. Advice given to attendees on how to maximize the return on attending an industry event is to answer the following “W” questions with regard to business events:

  • WHY are you going?
  • WHAT do you want to get out of attending?
  • WHICH type of event will benefit you the most?

As the coordinator who is planning a professional meeting or conference, it is your job to make sure that you answer those questions with regard to your target audience and give them at least three solid reasons to attend. Unfortunately, many of the gatherings that feature a seminar or training workshop in Massachusetts tend to downplay the educational or informational side of the event. When surveyed, most industry professionals rank workshops, seminars and other educational opportunities very high on the list of reasons why they pick one particular event over another.

Creating a Well-Rounded Event
The best way to make sure that you are meeting the needs of all your guests, whether you are throwing a company wide gathering at the New England conference center or if you are inviting representatives from multiple businesses throughout the industry as a whole, is to create a well-rounded event. Include various elements that your guests will appreciate, include a variety of educational and interactive options, as well as networking and other types of social opportunities. Make sure that your guests have an opportunity to network with each other and with the industry experts that you hire or invite to come and speak.

Try to incorporate as many unique and personal activities and ideas into your gathering when you are planning a professional meeting or conference. Getting the information that you want shared to your audience is one thing, but making sure that it sinks in and that the participants feel that they learned something by attending is another. Panel discussions with an interactive Q&A instead of a one-directional lecture by a single speaker are another way to switch things up. Check with the coordinator at the conference hall rental about variations on the setup for the meeting room in Milford, MA to accommodate panel speakers, multiple microphones and helpful visual aids.

Including breaks that also incorporate opportunities to get refreshments, such as drinks and snacks, is another way to keep your audience engaged and focused. Hungry guests won’t pay attention as much as guests who have their needs met. Speak with the folks at the New England conference center about in-house catering options to include beverages throughout the day, a Continental breakfast offering for morning sessions and possibly a sit-down lunch or dinner, depending on your schedule. All of these break time opportunities also give your guests the opportunity to discuss the information that is being provided with other colleagues, which can help increase understanding.

Planning a Professional Meeting in Milford, MA
If you are looking for a conference hall rental in the Milford area, look no further than The Crystal Room Conference Center. We have all of the amenities, technology, catering and service options that you need for planning a professional meeting or hosting a larger industry event at our well-appointed New England conference center. Give us a call today at 508-478-7800 and let us help you plan a successful conference or training workshop in Massachusetts.