How to Maximize the ROI for Off-Site Meetings in Massachusetts

Studies show that the majority of American companies will spend at least two days to a full week outside of their offices for strategy or planning meetings at an off-site location. If you are planning a professional meeting or large-scale business conference in Massachusetts for your company, it is essential to find a venue that will suit your needs. For those in the Greater Boston, Southeastern Massachusetts or Rhode Island area, consider the Crystal Room Conference Center in Milford, MA. A little off the beaten path, Milford is just off the I-495, making it easily accessible to employees coming from all over the Southeastern New England region. Our Milford meeting rooms can accommodate small and large gatherings while providing you with all of the space, amenities, in-house catering, and opportunities that you require to host a successful meeting.

Measuring the Return on Investment (ROI)

Before you can determine the success of any business event, it is important to have milestones or goals in place that will help you to decide what you have gained from your efforts. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent each year just in employee wages alone to ensure that staff attends these essential annual or quarterly meetings. Also, the cost to rent the venue for your meeting or business conference in Massachusetts, as well as any catering, hired speakers, handouts, and other expenses, must all be taken into consideration. Weighing the accomplishments of the event itself versus the cost of planning a professional meeting, will help you to determine the ROI and value of your efforts.

A genuinely strategic off-site meeting is vital to the ongoing success of the company, determining the path that the business will take in the coming months and years. This is much more important than a training workshop or another type of business meeting. It is important to have the division head or even the CEO assist in the planning process, also if it is just delegating to an executive assistant or someone else in top management who knows the ins and outs of executive session. However, this type of event is much different than the average management meeting, as it will be more focused and in-depth than usual. The goals and objectives of the session can be broad or narrow, depending on the needs of the company and the amount of ground that you want to cover during the meeting.

Meetings That Make a Difference

Perhaps the most significant goal that anyone could set for an executive strategy meeting at an off-site conference center in Milford, MA, would be to ensure that the topics discussed and the work that gets accomplished makes a difference in the way that the business is run. One way to achieve this is by creating a written strategy about things that you want to change, operations that need to grow or expand, and specific areas that you want to address to take the business to the next level. Think about what you will say about the impact that your event had at the business conference in Massachusetts in the next six to twelve month period.

You can start by increasing your expectations for productivity and do everything you can to ensure that it comes to fruition. Make plans to add specific topics for conversation on the schedule that will provide for meaningful discussion that could lead to instrumental change. Work with department heads and other company leaders to get them actively involved in the presentations and discussions that you want to occur. Strategically plan how you will start the discussion and create an agenda that has clear objectives for the goals you want to achieve.

When planning a professional meeting, use this opportunity to look at the company objectively and find new ways to increase reach, target your demographic, and strengthen your position within the industry as a whole. Take time to prepare for the meeting and set specific goals, talking points, and structure for what you want to achieve to get the best results.

Tour Our Milford Meeting Rooms

Make plans to take a tour of the Crystal Room Conference Center to see if our facility is right for you and your professional event. Whether you are hosting a meeting at our conference center in Milford, MA for 50 top executives or if you want to invite industry professionals from other companies for a more extensive business conference in Massachusetts, we can help you to achieve your goals. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 and speak with our on-site event coordinator to schedule your tour or to inquire about availability for your professional gathering.