How to Organize a Unique Training Workshop in Massachusetts

unique-eventIf you have ever gone to a team building conference or other type of workshop within your industry, you know that they are pretty much all the same. It can be difficult to get people excited about attending your off-site event at the conference center if they know it is just going to be the same group of people, the same information and the same format for the event. One way to bring more people to your training workshop at the Milford conference hall is to strategically plan unique activities, invite new speakers and offer something that is completely different.

Creating a Memorable Event

There are two ways to create a training workshop in Massachusetts that nobody will ever forget. The first is to not put in any effort, forget to order food and beverages, hire the same old boring speaker and not offer anything new. Your team building conference will build nothing but boredom and resentment. The second way is to dedicate yourself to finding unique opportunities that can be presented at the conference center that will wow your guests, get them excited about the information that is being offered and have them talking about their great experience to colleagues and co-workers in the industry.

Obviously your goal is to do a good job and create a positive memorable experience for your guests. Choosing a great location is the first thing that you will need to do. Don’t just have it at the office or rent a large space filled with tables and chairs. Your best bet is to contact a real conference center that is designed specifically for corporate meetings and professional events. Make sure they have all of the amenities that you need, ample parking for attendees and technology options that can be used to enhance your presentation. On-site food and beverage service is a plus, as are other extras that will make your event shine.

The Crystal Room is a local Milford conference hall that offers everything you could ever need to run a remarkable team building conference and it is centrally located, just a minute off the I-495, making it easily accessible to attendees from Boston, Cape Cod, New Bedford, Providence and the surrounding area.

Define Your Budget

Once you nail down the location, you will need to find out about your budget. Most companies will be limited by the corporate purse strings to some degree. However, if you are putting on a training workshop in Massachusetts that will serve the needs of several companies or office locations within the region, you might be able to boost your budget with corporate advertising.

Approach companies who provide business-to-business products or services that your attendees would use and appreciate. Offer banner advertising at the conference center and the ability to pass out business cards or hand out flyers during the event. Consider offering a team building conference bag that is filled with all sorts of goodies – corporate swag from sponsors, flyers from sponsors, logo branded items for the workshop and information about speakers or other featured businesses.

Put the Attendees First

The best way to create a team building conference that your guests will enjoy and appreciate is to put yourself in their shoes. What type of training workshop in Massachusetts would you like to attend? What type of food and beverages would you like to be served? What type of multimedia presentations would you enjoy the most? What speakers would you like to hear and what topics would you like to hear them discuss? What issues and obstacles do people within your profession have the most interest?

Work together with the Milford conference hall to provide your guests with access to all of the things necessary to make the event a hit. The Crystal Room has additional options available that can help, including a charging station for mobile devices, high speed Wi-Fi access and all of the audio-visual equipment you could ever need to pull off a truly multimedia experience presentation. Our facility can provide services for meetings of small groups, a team building conference for medium sized groups and a larger training workshop and seminar for up to 300 people.

Don’t Just Sit There

Make sure that your entire event at The Crystal Room conference center isn’t just about sitting in chairs, watching Power Point presentations and listening to speakers. Offer your guests activities and opportunities to connect with colleagues during your training workshop in Massachusetts. Consider renting multiple rooms so guests can choose between speakers or participate in a physical activity training opportunity while others are listening to a different speaker or taking in a seminar.

Providing coffee and beverage services, as well as snacks, throughout the day is a great idea. However, you should also consider serving a buffet lunch and perhaps a banquet dinner to finish up your event. The Crystal Room Milford conference hall has a large ballroom that can seat up to 300 people banquet style so you can have an awards dinner, a special presentation event or provide entertainment to cap off your conference on a high note.

To find out more about all of the options and opportunities available for your next team building conference or training workshop in Massachusetts, contact The Crystal Room Conference Center at 508-478-7800. Our event coordinators can help you choose the best room, date, options and extras to help you plan a truly unique and memorable conference.