How to Plan a Better Sales Training Workshop in Massachusetts

better-workshopIf you’ve been to one sales training workshop, you’ve been to them all. One of the biggest complaints expressed by attendees of conferences is that they are too predictable. A day filled with seminars and lectures, followed by a reception party for networking, then rinse and repeat for the two or three days of the event. If you want to host business seminars and events that get people excited about attending, it is important to change the way you think about planning. Before you start outlining the schedule for your next training workshop in Massachusetts at The Crystal Room Conference Center in Milford, MA, take a look at the information that we have provided for you here.

Study Industry Feedback
It is important to understand that every industry is different, so it pays to take some time to study feedback from colleagues who have attended seminars and conferences at other locations. Finding out what attendees appreciated and what caused them frustration, as well as what was a huge hit and what didn’t attract a lot of attention, can help you to create a much more successful sales training workshop at the Milford conference room. Some industries work better with a traditional presentation and Q&A session, while others can benefit more from videos or speeches by a panel of industry experts.

Recent studies of business seminars and conferences in general have revealed that over 80 percent of all “tips and techniques” or “specialized sales training” that is provided at these industry events provides no impact on actual growth or revenue. While some of the training might help to provide attendees with confidence or give them marketing ideas and things that they can take back to the office to discuss and expand upon, attendees are reporting that they are getting very little in the way of substantial, useful information. If you can find a way to ensure that your training workshop in Massachusetts has tangible value, you’ll already be ahead of the competition.

Consider attending other sales training events in other cities throughout the New England area to get your own impression first hand of what works and what doesn’t. Once you can see for yourself how the planning of these events can succeed or go wrong, you will be able to host business seminars that provide something useful to your attendees. Rather than just rehashing the same old “tips and tricks” over and over again or using the same training workshop schedule and format, you can mix it up and make your event at the conference center in Milford, MA break new ground and set a new standard for sales training events.

Why Do Sales Training Workshops Fail?
There are many reasons why business seminars, workshops and conferences fail to provide their attendees with anything more than a week away from the office or a weekend in a new city. There are good and bad training techniques and there are good and bad teachers. Finding a guest speaker or instructor that knows the industry inside and out, is able to engage attendees and make the information come to life, and that is likeable, memorable and worth taking time to listen to is a big part of making your event successful. No one wants to sit through hours and hours of boring instruction that focuses on basic skills that anyone with a year of sales experience should already know.

However, and it should be stated, that anyone who comes to the conference center in Milford, MA to attend your sales training workshop and expects to get a “quick fix” or “step-by-step guide” to better sales will be disappointed. There is no quick answer, no map on how to be successful in sales. The training that you provide when you host business seminars should be direct, to the point and not contain any fluff. Seminars that are without substance are a waste of time and even if they don’t understand that from your first training workshop in Massachusetts, word will spread and pretty soon everyone will know that your conferences are not worth the time and money required to attend.

Book a Great Location
One way to ensure that you will get sign-ups of attendees when you host business seminars at your industry conference is to host it at a great venue. The Milford conference room and meeting space available at The Crystal Room Conference Center has all of the amenities you could ever want, space for small to large size events, and it is conveniently located just a minute off the I-495, making it a great central location for colleagues coming from all over the northeastern states. Tons of parking, included Wi-Fi internet access, a mobile device charging station and much more can all be added to your conference package. Contact our on-site event coordinators at 508-478-7800 to get more information or to take a tour of our facility.