How to Plan a Business Event & Awards Dinner in Massachusetts

Special Business Dinner for EmployeesOne of the best ways to bring about a positive work environment, is to reward and recognize your employees for their hard work and efforts. Even when business is slow, due to economic or industry reasons, encouraging your staff and rewarding them is the best way to boost the overall morale of your team and help everyone to work even harder to achieve your goals. There are many benefits in boosting morale, some of which can include increasing sales, improving service, and helping the company to grow.

Getting Started: Choose a Milford Conference Room
The best place to start is with the venue. Think about how many employees you will be inviting to this event and whether you want to include spouses, significant others or children. You may only want to extend an invitation to the entire family for employees who will be receiving rewards, while just allowing a plus-one for everyone else. Once you have a head count and an approximate date that you would like to plan a business event, contact the local Crystal Room Conference Center in Milford, MA to check on availability.

The venue that you choose will determine what you will be able to do when you host an awards dinner in Massachusetts. Ask about all of the amenities that you will need, including audio and video equipment, parking for guests, banquet tables for the dinner portion and a stage area or featured space for the guest speaker, awards announcements and any entertainment that you might want to choose. Some companies opt to have a band and dancing, while others choose to focus on the business at-hand instead.

Create a Budget: Know Your Limits
You will want to work with your finance department to create a budget for your special company gathering. Consider the cost for renting the Milford conference room, the cost for the catering of the dinner, any decorations or invitations that you want to use to help establish a theme for the event, as well as any vendors that you will need to hire. Vendors can include the catering company if you don’t use the on-site catering at the Crystal Room Conference Center in Milford, MA, as well as photographers, photobooth rentals, guest speakers, comedians, bands or DJs, cake bakers, and anything else you want to include.

Make sure to also create a budget for the awards themselves. Whether you are handing out certificates, trophies or other mementos from the occasion, you will want to get accurate pricing and determine how many you will need. Also make sure to order the awards well in advance of your awards dinner in Massachusetts. There is nothing quite like working to plan a business event, only to have shipping problems at the last-minute and not have anything to hand out to your employees. The same goes with invitations, printed schedules, company favors and anything else that you want to provide. Make sure you have it at least two weeks before the event date.

Tips for Staging: Setting Up the Event
The best way to ensure that you have room to do everything you want at the awards dinner is to work closely with the on-site event coordinator at the Crystal Room Conference Center in Milford, MA. Our team can help you plan a business event of any size, decide what types of microphones, video screens and audio speakers you will need to showcase the awards and speaking portions of your awards dinner in Massachusetts. Lighting, spot lighting, lecterns, tables, props and other elements can help bring your vision to life and help you to put on a very memorable event for your employees.

Consider branding options, including the logo of the company, as part of your overall design for the stage and event decorations. Logos on napkins, etched into glasses, and included in favors for attendees, can really increase the excitement for your employees. Static logos or images can be included in the LED backdrop on flat panel screens and other visual elements throughout the Milford conference room. Make sure to discuss your ideas for branding and use of technology with the event coordinator at the venue.

Contact Our Staff for More Information
If you are planning an awards dinner in Massachusetts or need to plan a business event, such as a conference or seminar series, contact the Crystal Room Conference Center in Milford, MA by calling 508-478-7800. You can schedule a tour of our facility or work directly with our representative to book your date and make arrangements for your special event. Call today and learn why so many commercial and individual clients trust the Crystal Room Conference Center for their gatherings and events.