How to Plan a Mid-Size Business Conference in Massachusetts

how to plan a conference in massachusettsOrganizing corporate events in New England is essential for many industries. Whether you are hosting a training conference for employees within your corporation or running a business conference in Massachusetts for individuals and companies within the same industry, it can require a lot of time, energy, and dedication to get it right. Even just a small seminar in Milford, MA means working together with a qualified venue to take care of all the details, including refreshments, audiovisual equipment, scheduling, and more. While it can take a lot to accomplish, when done correctly, the payoff can be significant.

Some companies outsource the planning, hiring a professional event planner service or a dedicated in-house employee to take care of all the details. However you hope to achieve your goals, make sure that you have a solid idea of who you are creating corporate events in New England for and what you want them to get out of it. If this is for your own employees, typical objectives would be better training, improved skills, greater knowledge, and increased creativity. When developing a business conference in Massachusetts for an industry-wide audience, your goals could include establishing yourself as an industry leader, broadening your partnerships and associations with other entities and individuals, as well as making a profit as an event organizer.

Start Small and Grow to Meet the Need

Hosting a training conference or seminar in Milford, MA can be quite costly. To ensure that the ends justify the means and that you get a solid return on your investment, it pays to scale your efforts accordingly. Start with a small gathering, limiting registration to 100 guests or so, depending on the initially expressed interest. Grow your group for future corporate events in New England by the hundreds until you max out the interest and level off attendance. In some cases, there are advantages to keeping the events small, such as limiting the number of attendees so you can focus on a select group or by making tickets to the event more valuable by reducing the number of possible guests.

Work with a couple of well-known industry names to produce this event. Start with just a few sponsors and allow them the opportunity to shine prominently with attendees. Sponsors can help to pay for things like venue rental, refreshments, professional speaker fees, and much more. Choose your core sponsors wisely, picking companies that have a solid reputation and offer something that your prospective attendees would be interested in learning more about in a conference setting. If you are developing an in-house employee-only event, sponsors might not be appropriate. Instead, gauge carefully which departments and level of employees would benefit most from such an event and gear your plans toward them specifically.

Different Types of Events for Business

Over the years, the types of events designed for industry have evolved and changed, becoming more specific and focused for greater results. You don’t just “host a convention” or “plan an expo” today – you gear the type of event toward your audience and work to maximize the potential for your corporate events in New England. Understanding the different types of events, ranging from hosting a training conference to putting on an exclusive seminar in Milford, MA can help you to plan the best business conference in Massachusetts for your target demographic.

  • NETWORKING EVENT – Think about this as an industry “mixer,” a place where like-minded individuals can meet, discuss ideas, work on potential partnerships, and get to know each other in a social setting. A networking event is a “party with a purpose.” While seminars and informational opportunities can be provided, the focus should be more on planning receptions, parties, luncheons, and dinners to create opportunities for attendees to socialize and talk shop freely without a demanding schedule.
  • COMMUNITY EVENT – Designed to bring together industry professionals who share common interests and work in similar fields. This is an excellent opportunity for industries where entrepreneurs and companies who work in the same field are spread out across the country and around the globe. Sharing experience, techniques, methods, and technology, these types of events are typically small and focused, allowing knowledge to be shared to help grow and expand the industry.
  • EDUCATIONAL EVENT – The focus of these corporate events in New England is to provide attendees with education and information that they can take back to the office and use for their benefit. Speakers are invited who can provide helpful information to beginners or newbies, as well as seasoned professionals, offering insight into new trends, technologies, techniques, and options that they can use to grow their own businesses. Networking opportunities are still included, but not as important as the educational focus of this type of business conference in Massachusetts.
  • TRADE SHOW EVENTS – Often a combination of all types of events, hosting a training conference for industry professionals, trade shows can include a seminar in Milford, MA, networking events, and the opportunity to showcase products, services, and other related businesses in an exposition hall. Excellent for selling, trading, training, recruiting, partnering, and educating attendees. In this type of scenario, the trade show floor should be the primary focus, even when other optional events are provided within the context of the event.

Start Planning Your Event Today

If you are interested in planning corporate events in New England, it is essential to find the best venue as soon as possible before you plan anything else. Having the right venue for your seminar in Milford, MA or your large-scale business conference in Massachusetts is vital to the overall success of the event itself. Schedule a tour of The Crystal Room Conference Center and see everything we have to offer for hosting a training conference or event in Southeastern Massachusetts. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 and speak with one of our on-site event planners to discuss your needs.