How to Plan a Mini Business Conference in Massachusetts

mini-business-conferenceOne of the latest trends in the business world is to host a short team building conference at an off-site location to help your employees and co-workers increase knowledge, network and brainstorm to help improve your business. Hosting one of these events at a local New England conference center instead of sending everyone off to a destination location not only saves money, but it makes it easier on employees who might not be able to go away for a whole weekend or three-day week long event. However, because it is local, some of these mini conferences, as they are now being called, can run over a period of a couple days.

Finding a location for your business conference in Massachusetts that is convenient for all to attend, yet is far enough away from the familiarity of the office and the busy big city is important. Hosting a team building conference at a large conference hall in Boston, Providence or even New Bedford can be distracting. With so many other things for your team to do after work, they might not hang around for the after workshop dinner or networking party. Choosing to host your mini conference at a venue that is conveniently located to everyone at the office, yet far enough off the beaten path to keep everyone focused is important. The Crystal Room Conference Center in Milford, MA is just a minute off the I-495, convenient to Boston, Providence, Cape Cod and all of Southern New England.

Making Plans for Your Mini Conference
When it comes time to start setting things up for your team building conference at the local New England conference center, it pays to have a plan of action. Start by clearly identifying what type of event you want to host at the conference hall and what you want your team to get out of attending. Think about how many seminars or workshops you want to hold and how long it will take to achieve your goals. That will help you decide whether this can fit into a one day event, or if it needs to be more.

A typical mini conference will consist of at least four workshops, approximately two to three hours in length each. However, if you also want to incorporate special speakers, seminars and other types of interactive events, you may need to spread them out over a two day period. Make sure to think about breaks, including restroom breaks, smoking breaks – if the facility allows for them on campus or in a designated area – snack breaks, refreshment breaks and meal breaks. Consider how long everyone will be in the room for the team building conference or workshop and how much of a break they will need.

Planning for Meals
If you do decide to include snacks and meals for your business conference in Massachusetts, make sure to work with the event coordinator at the venue. For example, The Crystal Room Conference Center in Milford, MA has an on-site catering company, which can take care of all the details, including beverages, snacks and meals. Want to serve a buffet style luncheon and host an after conference networking party? Our team can take care of that for you. Contact the event coordinator as soon as you have an idea of what you want to accomplish and we can help connect you with local vendors if you need something special or assist with menu planning through our chefs and on-site caterers.

Create Your Agenda
If you have ever been to a regular business conference at a local New England conference center or a conference hall out of state, you know that there is a typical schedule that most organizers follow. A morning registration, where everyone picks up name tags or ID badges to be worn inside of the conference hall, followed by a breakfast or refreshments, as everyone gets settled in for the day. Most meetings start at nine in the morning and break for lunch around noon, with 15 minute breaks in between, as needed.

You should also create a budget for your mini business conference in Massachusetts, to make sure you don’t spend more than you mean to while you make plans. Making sure to maximize the potential of the event, while still getting a solid return on your investment, is key to the overall success of the team building conference. Think about any refreshments or meals, paid speakers, workshop tools, advertising or promotions of the event, as well as arrangements for team members to attend. If you are inviting individuals outside of your company, or want to show stockholders, clients and other investors what you achieved, you may want to consider hiring a photographer to take promotional photos of the event.

Reserve the Conference Hall
Once you figure out how many people will attend your team building conference and when you want to host your business conference in Massachusetts, contact The Crystal Room Conference Center in Milford, MA to get everything scheduled and set up as far as you can in advance. Our team of event planners, coordinators and on-site caterers can help you make all of the plans you need to have a successful mini conference or larger scale event at our New England conference center. Call today at 508-478-7800 to learn more about our facility, schedule a tour or to reserve the conference hall for your event.