How to Plan a Successful Training Workshop in Massachusetts

planning-workshopRegardless of the industry that you work in or what your goals might be for hosting a training seminar, it is important to sit down and make some serious plans before you even invite anyone to attend. It might seem like a simple endeavor, especially if you have already attended a training workshop in Massachusetts before, but there really is a lot of work and planning that needs to go on behind the scenes in order to host a successful event.

Every step of the process, from choosing the right meeting room venue to planning the catering, organizing the speaker and making sure that attendees have enough parking, there is a lot that must be considered. This basic guide will help you take all of the steps necessary to plan and host a beneficial training workshop right here at a meeting room in Milford, MA that will help provide your attendees with tools and skills they need to succeed.

The Crystal Room in Milford, Massachusetts
Located within the heart of Milford, MA is The Crystal Room, a conveniently located and well-appointed conference center and meeting room that can be used to plan and host a successful training workshop for your company, club or group. Less than a minute off of the 495, the location of The Crystal Room makes it an ideal central spot for attendees, whether they are coming from Boston, Cape Cod, New Bedford, Fall River, Rhode Island, Connecticut or anywhere else in the northeastern region. Plenty of parking and Wi-Fi access are just two of the other reasons why so many companies rely on The Crystal Room for their big events.

STEP ONE – Getting Started
It pays to start your planning with a bit of perspective. Sometimes the best way to achieve that is to ask yourself a series of questions and see how your answers change your goals and ideas for hosting a professional training workshop.

  • What is the goal of this workshop? What do we hope to accomplish?
  • Who would benefit most from attending this workshop?
  • How many people would we invite and how will they get to the location?
  • What seminars, speakers, information and skills are most important?
  • How long should the workshop continue? A day, two days, a weekend or a week?
  • What is the budget for hosting the training workshop?

STEP TWO – Selecting the Venue
The next part of the process is crucial to the success of your training workshop in Massachusetts. Choosing the conference center and meeting room where your event will be held can either make or break the overall event. It is important to make sure that the place where you are hosting a training seminar will have all of the amenities and options necessary to achieve all of your goals.

There are three primary points that must be considered before you choose a meeting room:

  • LOCATION – Make sure that the venue you select is in a location that is easy for your employees or attendees to find. You should pick a spot that is far enough away from a big city location or hub to eliminate local distractions and encourage focus on the training seminars and workshops being provided. If attendees will be coming in from multiple directions, choosing a centrally-located facility can be a huge benefit.
  • OPTIONS – Selecting a meeting room in Milford, MA that has all of the options you require for hosting a training seminar is an essential part of the planning process. Do you need Wi-Fi access and charging stations for your attendees? Most professionals rely on smartphones, tablets, laptops and other mobile devices for taking notes, linking up to referenced websites and downloading important data, so this should be considered as well. Picking a place that offers catering, lots of on-site parking and event planning support can also be extremely beneficial.
  • TECHNOLOGY – Another major benefit to hosting a training workshop in Massachusetts is choosing a location that has all of the technology equipment and tools you will need to share information with your attendees. For example, having access to HD video displays, screens, microphones and lighting that will facilitate your power point presentation, videos or other visual and audio enhancements will save you the trouble of bringing in this equipment yourself.

STEP THREE – Set the Date
Once you find the best place for hosting a training seminar, the next step is to secure the dates that you desire. The dates that you choose will depend on the length of your workshop. For example, a one day workshop can be done any day of the week, but a two to three day event is usually held over a three-day weekend. A week-long workshop can be held Monday through Friday, but there might be another set of days that you prefer. You should secure the date at the conference center and meeting room at least 2-4 months prior to your event, taking into consideration any holidays or other local events that might affect your choice or travel options for your attendees.

STEP FOUR – Send Invitations
Because there are many different types of events, it is important to consider how you will invite people to attend. For a company or business, a command attendance is often employed to ensure that all workers who would benefit from a training workshop in Massachusetts will attend. However, for events that rely on registrations or sign-ups to fill the meeting space, it is important to put a limit on the number of people who are invited and the number of spaces allotted for the event. You want to have enough guests to make your efforts pay off, but not so many that it dilutes the benefits of the workshop experience. Most successful workshops at The Crystal Room conference center and meeting room range between 20 and 200 attendees, however we can accommodate groups of up to 300.

STEP FIVE – Put Together a Solid Team
Having a team of qualified individuals who can help you to plan, execute and keep your training seminar on track can be a huge benefit. Choosing individuals who have experience working with this type of event is even better. Assigning someone to coordinate speakers, discussions and other specific events within the overall training workshop in Massachusetts can also be helpful, as well as assigning individuals to work with catering, registrations and ID badges, technology equipment placement and working directly with the event planner at the conference center and meeting room. A minimum of two to three team members for a small group on up to ten team members for a larger group is recommended.

STEP SIX – Plan the Day
Whether your workshop will be for a single day or a whole week, it is important to create a schedule that you can hand out to attendees to keep everyone on track. Begin the day with a coffee and refreshment table or a breakfast offering to get everyone to the meeting room on time. Open with your first seminars or workshop activities and make sure to plan a series of breaks, refreshment and snack times in between. Schedule a lunch break and consider catering that as well to keep everyone on-site and working together. This extra bonding time can be a huge benefit and is one of the reasons why group training seminars can be so successful. Plan your afternoon seminars and workshops, again making sure to schedule break times for snacks and beverages. Finish the day with a hosted dinner or break for dinner at the end of the day to give attendees time to travel back home.

STEP SEVEN – Get Excited
It is important to be positive, energetic and upbeat when you are hosting a training seminar. The positive attitude that you display will definitely rub off on the attendees at the meeting room in Milford, MA. Incorporate fun activities, games and other types of physical energizers throughout the training workshop to keep everyone on their toes, excited and positive about the experience. Take lots of photos and video to remember what happened at the conference center and meeting room so you can share it with attendees or use the images to advertise and promote your next event.

How to Reserve a Meeting Room in Milford, MA
To reserve space at The Crystal Room conference center and meeting room, just give us a call at 508-478-7800. Our team of event planners and coordinators can help you to choose the right size room, date, options and amenities that will help you in hosting a training seminar that will benefit and enrich your employees or guests. We can help you to plan the entire training workshop in Massachusetts from assisting in reservations and registrations to setting up catering and everything in between. Just give us a call today or use our online form to put in a request for a proposal to use our meeting room in Milford, MA.