How to Plan a Training Workshop in Massachusetts for Employees

In a way, it feels as though 2020 simply needs a re-set to get everyone back on track. Remote work situations helped many businesses to “get by” and “make do” until offices reopened and employees got back to work. However, many aspects of the workplace were missing, leaving many types of industry at a loss. As you prepare to reopen your business and bring everyone back, it may be time to offer a training workshop in Massachusetts to get everyone back on the same page. Whether that means learning a new skill, brushing up on old policies and procedures, or introducing safety protocols like social distancing and the use of face masks in the office, you still need to bring everyone together under one roof to do it. This is not a time when virtual meetings will do the trick. Consider securing space at a reputable New England conference center to provide lots of space and opportunities to speak with your team. Whether you want to host a meeting or a seminar in Milford, MA, the Crystal Room Conference Center has the amenities, space, and options you need to achieve your goals.

Our Milford Conference Room

One of the significant advantages of our New England conference center is that it is not connected to local hotels, restaurants, or other facilities. Many of the hotel-based conference centers have a lot of mixed-in traffic from other events that would be there at the same time as your team. The goal is to create a somewhat isolated safe space for your employees so they can feel comfortable attending the training workshop in Massachusetts. Our Milford conference room can provide that unique opportunity, offer ample space for you and your entire team, in-house catering services, comprehensive audiovisual and tech services, and can work with you to arrange the seating to your liking. Whatever your requirements, our team of highly trained and experienced event planners can accommodate them and offer insight into other options that you can use to your advantage.

We have designed our venue to offer guests the best choice to hold their corporate and other special events. Accommodations are available for small groups of 80 or less on up to larger meeting rooms that can hold between 150-300 guests. Newly renovated and centrally located, we are just a minute from the I-495, offering easy navigation for your employees coming from all over the Southcoast area. We have served clients from Southeastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut at our well-appointed facility. Our team can help you plan your event every step of the way, from choosing the best date and ballroom space to picking out the best table arrangements and menu items for refreshments. We offer a wide variety of unique services, including Wi-Fi connections for event staff and attendees, along with lots of unexpected technology opportunities to help you put on memorable presentations.

Attendee Amenities for Corporate Events

One way to put your employees at ease is to create an event at a professional location that will provide them with confidence in the company going forward. Our property features a large parking area that surrounds the New England conference center, offering plenty of room for your team to park their vehicles without having to walk a big distance or pay for parking. We have created some well-designed restrooms to ensure ample space for you and your guests during your time at our Milford conference room. Mobile device charging opportunities, including our 150-device charging center, helps to keep batteries on full throughout the entire event. Wi-Fi services are available to allow your team to interact with your message, post photos from the gathering, sign up for additional support, ask questions, or do anything else necessary to participate while on-site.

Make sure to include refreshments when hosting a meeting or seminar in Milford, MA. Even if it is simply the standard coffee, tea, and water that everyone expects, this will go a long way toward putting everyone at ease. If you host a long meeting, you might want to consider brunch or luncheon options to help everyone to stay focused. We can provide a wide range of menu items through our in-house catering services that can be prepared and served on-site in our full-service kitchen. We work with Tuesday from Tara, a well-respected catering service located right here in the Greater Milford area. This service has provided foodservice options for a wide range of meetings, events, and training workshops in Massachusetts. Choose from a light menu, refreshment package, or a full-service meal, depending on your budget, schedule, and needs.

Secure Space for Employee Training

If you are interested in learning more about our Milford conference room or would like to secure space for a training workshop or corporate event, contact our team right away. As things begin to open up, the demand for our New England conference center will increase. We do not only host corporate gatherings, meetings, and events, but also have a solid reputation for hosting social gatherings, special occasions, and weddings at our facility. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 to speak with one of our team members about hosting your seminar in Milford, MA at the Crystal Room Conference Center.