How to Plan an Off-Site Meeting at a Meeting Room in Milford

off-site-meetingThere are many advantages to hosting a business meeting at an off-site location. When meetings are held at the office or even in a meeting room that is adjacent to the primary office, attendees don’t seem to get as much out of it as they would at a local conference center. Getting out of the office and planning a professional meeting at a Milford meeting room can make a big impact on everyone involved.

Just getting in the car and driving a few miles from the office or heading outside of the city and out to a neighboring town helps to give employees, clients, colleagues and other industry professionals a whole new point of view. This can be extremely beneficial in joint meetings between companies, mediation and even networking events, so that everyone is on neutral ground. There are many reasons why companies hold off-site business events at The Crystal Room conference center and meeting room in Milford, MA.

Getting Started: Identify Objectives
Before you get too deep into the particulars of planning your off-site meeting at the local conference center, make sure to take time to identify your objectives. While this part of the process does not need to be too detailed, it is important that you gather accurate information in order to host a successful meeting that will get results.

You will want to know the following information, which will help you in planning a professional meeting:

  • Who will be attending the event? (employees, colleagues, clients, etc.)
  • How many will be attending? (even a loose guest list can be helpful)
  • What are your goals for this meeting at the conference center? (team building, networking, mediation, sales pitch, marketing improvements, etc.)
  • How long will you need to rent the Milford meeting room? (half day, day, weekend, two or more weekdays, etc.)
  • Do you want to serve refreshments, lunch or dinner at this meeting? (ask about on-site catering through the meeting room in Milford, MA)
  • Will you need any audio visual equipment? (microphones and sound system, video equipment, power point presentations, etc.)
  • Do you need any additional technology options? (Wi-Fi, mobile device charging stations, event apps, etc.)

Without going into too much detail in the beginning, it can be helpful to start making lists of what you need for planning a professional meeting. Keeping a list of potential attendees, speakers, agendas that you want discussed, topics that you want addressed and other specific interests can be added to as you make your plans for the conference center gathering.

Information You Need
Before you can put your plans into motion for the meeting room in Milford, MA, you will need to speak with your supervisors or financial department to find out how much money you have to spend on the meeting. Create a budget and stick with it, cutting out unnecessary items and making reductions wherever possible. Having a budget will help you to stick within the allotted parameters without over-spending, increasing the value of hosting the event off-site at the Milford meeting room.

You should also gather the following information to help you stay on point and plan a meeting that will benefit everyone involved:

  • How far is the conference center from the office and will you be reimbursing mileage for employees who attend?
  • Is there enough parking for all of your employees on-site?
  • Will you be able to encourage some employees to carpool with others or offer some type of ride program for those who cannot drive to the location?
  • What are the conditions and policies for the venue – and will you be able to stick with them during the event?
  • Will there be any access to event planners, caterers and other service staff that can help with food and beverage service or other types of support during the meeting?
  • Are there any other expenses you need to consider, such as printing out schedules, attendee badges and nametags or paper and pens for note-taking?

Work With a Professional
When it comes time for planning a professional meeting at a local Milford meeting room, look no further than The Crystal Room Conference Center. Our venue is a premier location, which can provide space for business conferences, workshops, seminars and a meeting room in Milford, MA. Contact the conference center by calling 508-478-7800 to learn more about our facility or to schedule a tour of the venue.