Insider Tips for Hosting a Training Seminar in Milford, MA

tips-training-conferenceWhether you have been charged with hosting a training conference by your office or if you are considering going into the business of corporate event planning, it is important to learn all you can about how to host a seminar, workshop or mini-conference. Interactive events like these are very popular with many different types of businesses, across many different industries, as well as small and large businesses.

A lot of work goes into planning a corporate event, which is why many businesses are outsourcing the work to professional planners who already have connections with a local New England conference center, vendors and other service providers. This article will provide you with the basic tips you need to host a successful seminar in Milford, MA for businesses in the Southeastern Massachusetts or Rhode Island area.

Define a Purpose
The first step in planning a corporate event is to define the purpose. Once you figure out if you are hosting a full blown conference, mini-conference, single seminar, training workshop or team building event, you will be able to fill in more details, such as how much space you will need at the local Milford conference hall, how long you will need to reserve it and what else you will need to schedule.

  • Conferences are usually multi-day events, but a mini-conference can just be a single day event or a one-day event with a networking cocktail party the night before to help make introductions and get colleagues talking.
  • Single seminars, training workshops and team building events can be single day events as a stand-alone gathering or they can be part of a larger conference event.
  • It is important to set goals for what you want to accomplish with your corporate event to help keep you on track during the rest of the planning phase.

Create a Budget
Once you figure out what you want to get out of hosting a training conference or seminar, it is important to set a budget. Work with your finance department, supervisor or, if you are working as a corporate event planner, work with your client to figure out how much they have to spend. Budget for the rental of the New England conference center for the seminar in Milford, MA, for any speakers or vendors that you need to hire, as well as any refreshments that you will want to provide.

Choose a Venue
One of the most important parts of planning for a corporate event is choosing the venue. It is important to pick a location that is convenient, but that isn’t in the middle of a busy area that is filled with a lot of distractions. Large cities like Boston are great for attracting out of town attendees, but all of the sights to see, restaurants to try and nightclubs to visit can pull guests away from your event and out into other venues.

  • Choose a New England conference center that is large enough to accommodate you and all of your expected guests, that has enough space for all of the activities and programs you want to provide.
  • Make sure that the venue has all of the things you need to put on your event, such as flat panel screens, microphones and other audio visual equipment, Wi-Fi access for you and your attendees, plenty of parking and in-house catering for between seminar refreshments, a buffet luncheon or whatever else you want to include.
  • Select a venue for your seminar in Milford, MA that is convenient, such as The Crystal Room Conference Center, which is located just a minute off the I-495, making it easy for guests to come from all over the South Coast region, including Southeastern Massachusetts, Boston, Cape Cod, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Create a Schedule of Events
Think about everything you want to include and make a rough schedule for the conference, including start and stop times, breaks for restroom or refreshment, any meals that will be served and any networking opportunities that you decide to host. Once you create an outline, it is easier to create a more permanent schedule and fill in special speakers, training activities and other things that you want to make sure get included for your corporate event.

Consider Adding a Party
One of the best ways to create a corporate event at the local New England conference center that will get everyone talking, create a buzz about your event or, if you are working as an event planner, will help you to build your business, is to consider adding a party. There are lots of different types of parties that will help to enhance your event and help your attendees to get even more out of coming to the Milford conference hall.

  • A welcome party is a great way to help everyone get to know each other and sort of break the ice before the rest of the training conference and seminars begin.
  • An after seminar party can help attendees to spend time together talking after the first day’s events about everything that was shared, discussed and learned; it is also a great way to encourage networking and communicating with colleagues.
  • An end of event party is a great tool for wrapping up a multi-day event and give attendees a chance to mingle, share contact information and talk about attending your next conference or seminar in Milford, MA.

Contact The Crystal Room Conference Center to Book an Event
If you are interested in hosting a training conference or seminar at a local New England conference center, look no further than The Crystal Room. As a local Milford conference hall, we can provide corporate event planners with all of the space they require to host a successful event. To learn more about our facility, services and availability, give us a call at 508-478-7800.