Massachusetts Business Meetings: How to Increase Productivity

milford massachusetts business meetingsTechnology has helped to advance modern business in many ways. Unfortunately, all of the multitasking and distractions have also made some aspects of running a business less productive. If you are searching for methods, techniques, and approaches that will help you to plan a more productive professional business meeting, we have the answers. Companies from all over the Southcoast region visit our meeting and conference center to host many different types of meetings and gatherings each month. Our Milford meeting room has provided space and amenities for quarterly board meetings, monthly chapter meetings, annual corporate meetings, department training meetings, and much more.

Why Productivity is an Issue

A recently published report from Harvard Business Review revealed that more than 70 percent of the senior business managers who participated in a study agreed that the majority of corporate meetings held were unproductive or inefficient. Many even felt that the meeting itself caused unnecessary delays in their work, interfered with deep thinking, and made them miss out on other opportunities to bring the team closer together for the greater good of the company. Harvard’s study is not alone. Other similar reports published by Microsoft and other major corporations, reveal some pretty shocking finds about the value (or lack thereof) concerning the traditional corporate meeting.

Some of the reasons why time gets wasted during a meeting include:

  • lack of structure or agenda
  • unclear objectives and goals
  • poor communication within the team
  • too many distractions in the workplace
  • excessive meetings, either in duration or frequency
  • poor speaking skills for presentations by meeting leaders

How to Increase Productivity

So should corporations nix the idea of the professional business meeting altogether? There are some pretty clear benefits associated with meetings, especially when there are employees, departments, teams, and management who need to come together to discuss ideas, problem-solving, or provide status reports to keep the business moving forward. Instead of scrapping meetings, consider changing the way that you approach your company’s meetings to increase productivity and make the entire experience more valuable.

Step One: Consider a Weekly or Monthly Meeting

Avoid the daily or multiple-days-in-a-week approach to meetings and instead, choose to host a single meeting that will encompass everything that needs to be discussed. Bring everyone to the meeting and conference center on a limited basis. Focus on getting everything done in a specified amount of time, such as a half-day meeting that breaks for lunch with everyone returning to the office for the rest of the afternoon. You could also do a full-day meeting at the beginning of the week so everyone can complete assigned tasks or get to work on discussed changes for the rest of the week.

Step Two: Get Out of the Office

Studies show that all of the distractions at the workplace are part of what makes today’s meetings so unproductive. Phone calls, emails, texts, and other tech-based alerts prevent employees from focusing on the meeting. Consider asking staff to leave cellphones, tablets, and laptops in their office or personal vehicle before heading to the meeting room in Milford, MA. You could also require them to power down their devices before the meeting begins. Our Milford meeting room can offer a mobile charging station for your professional business meeting that will allow employees to plug-in and dock their devices during the meeting so they will be fully charged and ready to go during breaks or after the meeting is finished.

Step Three: Establish a Clear and Concise Agenda

Your goals should be well-defined before anyone arrives at the meeting. Create a printed agenda and distribute it to team members in advance so they will know what to expect. This can help inspire employees to have questions ready and participate in the discussion more intelligently, further increasing productivity during the professional business meeting. Consider including clear and assigned actions for each participant after the meeting that they will be responsible for completing. This will help to move the new approach, idea, or project ahead and avoid wasted time.

Step Four: Provide Healthy Refreshments

You want every member of your team to remain focused throughout the entire event at the meeting room in Milford, MA. Work with the on-site event coordinator to schedule the placement of refreshments throughout the day. Start with hot coffee, iced coffee, tea, and water bottles, along with fresh fruit trays and healthy baked goods. For lunch, stay on track with a healthy balance of protein, vegetables, fruit, and carbs that will keep your team alert and ready to participate in the meeting.

Step Five: Take Scheduled Breaks

Be mindful of the time, starting the meeting on schedule and including strategic breaks throughout the day for restroom, refreshment, and discussion. This will help your team stay focused and eliminate biological distractions that might keep them from learning or participating in the professional business meeting.

The Crystal Room Conference Center in Milford, MA

Looking for the perfect venue for your professional business meeting? The Crystal Room Conference Center is the best choice to host your events and meetings, training seminars, and employee workshops. Enjoy all of the opportunities and amenities offered at our Milford meeting room venue, such as in-house catering, on-site parking, and a wide range of audiovisual and technology opportunities, including Wi-Fi connections, a mobile charging station for up to 150 devices, and space for up to 300 guests. Call today at 508-478-7800 to schedule a tour of our facility, which is located just a minute off the I-495 and convenient to businesses coming from Southeastern Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.