Maximize ROI: How to Host a Training Session in Massachusetts

Maximize ROI Training for Milford BusinessesThere are a couple of reasons why you might want to host a training workshop in Massachusetts for your employees. A brand new product or project can sometimes require additional training, as could a new direction or focus for the company as a whole. If you have recently hired a bunch of new employees or if there is some confusion about the work that needs to be done, hosting a training conference could be advantageous. Some businesses provide annual or quarterly training at a local conference center just to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Whatever your objectives or goals concerning training at an off-site Milford conference hall, just make sure that they are clearly stated and that you do something to determine the return on investment or ROI of the event.

Why ROI Matters

Whenever you invest in anything for your company, it’s a good idea to take stock and determine the return on investment for your efforts. A day of training can cost your business in a number of ways, including paying for employees to be at a conference instead of working at the office or shop. It can also cost for the rental of the venue for hosting a training conference, paid speakers or training professionals that you bring in, and the cost of food and refreshments during the event. You want to make sure that you get out at least equal to or more than you put in for each training event.

Safety training to meet OSHA requirements is one thing, but when marketing, sales, or performance training is being provided, you need to ensure a different type of value is being met. Providing your team with educational opportunities helps them to learn how to do things in a new and better way. The goals can range from improved safety to increased production, boosted sales or a better response to marketing efforts. Whatever your goals, identifying them and setting a mark to hit for improvement can help you to determine value. If change or growth does not occur, you risk falling behind the competition or miss out on strategic opportunities to expand your reach and increase your bottom line.

Choose a Quality Training Program

The program that you use to train your employees needs to be of the highest quality. It should fit with your company’s goals, values, and overall vision for the future. Make sure that the professional speaker or trainer will be consistent with your company’s mission to help you meet your objectives. The program should support all goals, from small achievements to significant updates or upgrades for employee training. You can’t just select a generic motivational speaker to come in and talk with your staff at a local conference center and expect them to go away with an understanding about specific changes that you want to be made. It needs to be more focused and direct, aligned directly with the things that you want to accomplish.

Once again, the quality of the training program and the ability of the speaker to bring your employees to where you want them to be will affect the ROI of hosting a training conference. Time and money well-spent is revealed through gained understanding, knowledge, ability, and focus. The training program should be designed to connect your ideas to the work that needs to be done to make them a reality. If you have a vision for the future of your company, the training workshop in Massachusetts that you put on should help all of your staff understand that vision and learn what they need to do on a daily basis to make it happen.

Consider a Pre-Meeting Conference

Before you bring the participants to the Milford conference hall for your training session, have an in-house company meeting about what to expect. You can outline the primary objectives of the training workshop in Massachusetts, letting them know what you hope to achieve at the meeting. There are many advantages to prepping your team before they get there. You can even provide them with a basic outline of the training workshop, answer any questions that they might have about primary details before you get there, and connect with them to open the door to communicate more effectively.

Advise your employees of your intentions to ensure that the training session won’t add up to extra work while they are off-site at the conference center. Adjust office priorities, change deadlines, and don’t give them extra work before or after the event to “catch up” on responsibilities. Think about it as a four-day work week with a day “off” for training. Modify the work expectations as you would on a three-day weekend work week during the holidays, so they don’t feel as though they are being “punished” for training. The goal is to motivate, inspire, energize, and educate your staff when hosting a training conference. You don’t want to put them off before you even get started by overwhelming them with extra work.

The Crystal Room Conference Center

While you are making plans for a training workshop in Massachusetts, make sure to schedule a tour of our conference center so you can create a floor plan for the event. Our staff can assist with table and chair placement, creating a classroom or lecture setting based on your needs and requirements. We can provide all of the technology and audio-visual equipment required for your event at our Milford conference hall. Ample parking, updated amenities, and lots of space for your employees are available at our Southcoast facility. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 to schedule your tour or to speak with one of our team members about your event.