Maximize Your Results: Attending a Massachusetts Trade Show

attending-industry-exposAdmittedly, when most people think about attending a trade show, they immediately picture a crowded conference center in Las Vegas with outlandish exhibition booths and lots of salesmen wearing lanyards trying to push their latest “big thing” on attendees. The truth is that trade shows come in all shapes and sizes. If you have never been and want to get your feet wet in the world of trade shows at a local New England conference center, make sure to pick something that you know will be on a smaller scale.

Learn to know the keywords that are used to describe these events, such as “educational industry conference,” which is where they typically host business seminars, interactive workshops and, when applicable, host demonstrations of new products or technology. Attending a training workshop in Massachusetts is another great way to get started in the world of industry trade shows and events. Most workshops are on a smaller scale, are affordable to attend and aren’t as crowded or intense.

Work on Your People Skills
One of the biggest reasons why some people think they won’t do well at industry trade shows is that they don’t have very good people skills. This can be especially true if you work from a home office, run your own business or primarily deal with clients and colleagues online. Practice starting up conversations with people, especially if you plan to host a booth at the New England conference center. Chatting over coffee or while waiting in line can be a great way to start networking.

Wear your name tag so it is easy to see and make sure to look at the person’s name on their tag even if they introduce themselves. Be a hand shaker and make sure to make eye contact when people speak to you or if they walk past your booth. Don’t spend the entire educational industry conference on your smartphone. Yes, you will have emails and other work to attend to, but when you are on the showroom floor, make sure to give everyone else your full attention.

Develop a Strategy
In order to make the most out of attending an expo or training workshop in Massachusetts, make sure to develop a strategy for success. Know what you want to say or do, whether you run a booth, host business seminars or just work the floor as an attendee; know what you want to get out of the event, either collecting business cards, making connections to colleagues or learning more about the industry; and have a goal in mind, such as making sales, getting new website sign-ups or scheduling a meeting with a potential partner.

Know the Who’s Who of the Business
Before you make your way to the New England conference center to attend the event, make sure that you take the time to check out the expo website to see who is attending. A great way to find out more about the other businesses that will be exhibiting there is to look at the sponsor list or check out the map of the expo floor. Go to the websites for each company listed and look at the photos and read the bios of their staff. You don’t want to pitch your company or idea to a competitor. It is important to know who you are talking to at all times.

Check out the companies behind the event, the expo planners and event coordinators. Make sure you know who is in charge in case you have any questions or problems and consider reaching out to them in advance of the event just to touch base. Whenever you attend a training workshop in Massachusetts or plan to host business seminars, it is essential to have a solid understanding of the local industry community so you don’t offend someone important by not knowing who they are in a conversation.

A Premier Venue in Southeastern Massachusetts
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