Memorable Awards Dinner at the New England Conference Center

If you have ever attended a company awards dinner and banquet at a local conference center, then you likely know a thing or two about how these things usually go. Depending on the team that is responsible for organizing the event, it could either be a fun presentation that employees talk about for weeks and months to come or it could be a boring, never-ending evening that could prevent staff from showing up to other events in the future. You want to make sure that you host the type of awards dinner that gets people talking – in a good way. One way to do that is to choose a venue that really stands out and sets the evening apart from all other awards and business conferences in Massachusetts that your company has attended in previous years.

Perhaps the most popular and sought after New England conference center is the Crystal Room Conference Center, located in Milford, MA. Just a minute off the I-495, this venue is convenient and well-designed, providing plenty of ample parking, banquet space, technology, in-house catering and service, as well as lots of other great amenities. An on-site coordinator will help you ensure that vendors, decorators, and other hired hands know where to go when they get there, for effective and efficient preparations. Choose from a large menu, enjoy included linens, tables, and other banquet essentials, as well as many extras that you just won’t find at other conference hall rental locations.

Choose a Fun Theme
Avoid boredom from the start by selecting a fun theme for your guests to enjoy. The theme should be related in some way, shape or form to the type of business that you do, but if that doesn’t work with the industry that you are in, you can just choose something inspiring or sentimental in some way. You could even go “black tie” or select decoration colors that reflect your company logo. Whatever you decide to do, make sure that you will be able to get decorations, invitations, and other key elements to coordinate with the theme.

Some examples of company awards dinner themes include:

  • Roman Empire
  • “Under the Sea”
  • Casino or Las Vegas
  • Masquerade
  • Western or Cowboy
  • Beach or Island

Create Inviting Invitations
There’s nothing quite like getting a blank card with Arial font black writing that says, “Come to the awards dinner!” to get you inspired. Sarcasm aside, it pays to create an invitation that features a glimpse into the theme of the event that will be held at the business conference in Massachusetts or that at least doesn’t scream “boring evening” when you invite guests out to the New England conference center. Make sure to include details, such as the time, date and location, as well as any information about attire requirements or the type of food that will be served. Information about RSVP is important too, especially if you are allowing employees to bring spouses, significant others, and additional members of their families.

Find Unique Ways to Brand
When you host an awards dinner for your company, make sure to set aside space at the conference hall rental that helps you to really brand your business to help instill pride in your employees. Consider setting up a photo opportunity background that features the company logo, sort of like what they do for awards ceremonies and galas in Hollywood. Include a red carpet, roped off space and even hire a photographer to take souvenir photos that can be passed out at the office or handed out while dinner is being served.

Speak with the venue about extra services, such as:

  • specialty lighting, including a company logo or monogram on the stage
  • podium decorations to include corporate branding
  • technology that can feature logos and branding opportunities on big screens throughout the venue
  • colorful linens, table decorations and favor options to help celebrate your business
  • connections to local vendors, such as photo booth operators, photographers, and musical entertainment

Order Trophies and Awards in Advance
There is nothing quite like throwing an awards dinner at the local conference center, only to find out that the trophies and other awards didn’t make it back from the vendor in time to actually present at the awards dinner. Make sure to order any trophies, plaques and other awards that you want to hand out well in advance of your event. If you are running short on time, work with a vendor who guarantees delivery on schedule. Ask for references and get everything in writing just in case something goes wrong.

Visit the Crystal Room Conference Center in Milford, MA
If you are looking for a conference hall rental in the South Coast region, consider the Crystal Room Conference Center for your awards dinner, company meeting, seminar or business conference in Massachusetts. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 to schedule a tour of our facility or to check on available dates for your event. Taking a tour can help you decide whether the event center has enough space for you, your guests and everything you want to accomplish at our New England conference center.