Milford Conference Center: Hosting a Successful Charity Event

Thousands of charity events are held across America each weekend. The beneficiaries of these events range from local community programs for kids to life-saving programs for people and pets. Whatever your passion, you can take advantage of conference hall rental space right here in Milford to host your special gathering. Whether you will be inviting just a few donors or participants to attend or if your guest list is very long and distinguished, you will find the space that you need at The Crystal Room meeting and conference center.

It is important to be focused on your goals. How much money do you want to raise? Is your goal more about raising awareness than funds? Will there be activities, presentations, entertainment, or food being served? How will people participate in your event? Start by figuring out how many people you anticipate will show up and base the amount of space that you will need on all of the activities you will be hosting throughout the event. For example, a charity auction will need space to display the items up for bid before the bidding begins. Make sure that the staging for your event at the Milford conference center matches up with your objectives.

Get the Legal Stuff Out of the Way
Whether you are an agent of the charity, run the fund yourself, or are simply doing an event to raise money on behalf of the organization, it is important to know the legal requirements and regulations surrounding charitable events. If the charity is a non-profit organization and the donations will be tax deductible, you will need to ensure that all everything is handled properly, so your donors will receive credit. Work closely with the organization and describe everything that you will be doing at the meeting and conference center. Before you even put down a deposit for the conference hall rental, make sure that everything is pre-approved by the charity and that you are legally allowed to use their name, logo, or anything else that you want to include in your signage, advertising, and website.

Get Some Volunteers
To reduce overhead so that more of the profits that come from the event at the Milford conference center will go to the charitable organization, make sure to get a lot of people to volunteer. Volunteering will be needed before the event, during the event, and even after the event. Set-up on location for the day of the event is critical, as well as staying organized throughout the planned gathering, and afterward for clean-up. Work with the venue to make sure that you know what you are expected to do about set-up and clean-up. Some facilities book multiple events over a weekend, particularly during the busy wedding season, so you want to make sure that you know when you can arrive and when everything has to be removed from the premises.

Hire the Entertainment
You might be lucky to find a band, comedian, magician, or some other type of performer that will donate their services to the charity event. However, in most cases, hiring the entertainment will be an expense, just like securing the conference hall rental for the venue. Make sure that the facility where you will be holding the event is okay with the type of entertainment you have planned. You don’t want to book a band with a pyrotechnic finish only to find out that the fire code for the building won’t allow it. Communication is essential for any type of entertainment vendor whether they will be pulling rabbits out of hats or require microphones and sound systems to be heard at the back of the room.

Think About Refreshments
How long will the event go on at the Milford conference center? If your guests are there for a few hours or more, make sure to offer refreshments. These can be donated and free or be made available for purchase, depending on your budget. At a minimum, soft drinks, water, and iced tea should be made available during warmer weather, and hot coffee, tea, and cocoa are a nice touch during the cold season. A bake sale could be incorporated into your event, allowing volunteers to bake goodies that would be sold as refreshments during the gathering, with all proceeds going to the charity. Double-check with the conference hall rental to make sure this is okay with any regulations governing the facility.

Take a Tour of Our Venue!
If you are planning a charitable event or any other type of public gathering, make sure to visit our Milford conference center and take a tour of the facility. The Crystal Room Conference Center is recently renovated, has lots of parking, tons of amenities, and even features an on-site event coordinator to help you get everything organized and taken care of in advance of your planned event. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 and speak with one of our team members to schedule a tour or to check on availability for your preferred date.