Milford Meeting Rooms: What NOT to Do at an Off-Site Meeting

Off-Site Meeting Mistakes to AvoidIf you want to have a successful off-site meeting, it pays to consider all of the things that you should try to incorporate into the day. However, it is also important to look at examples shared by other corporate planners and managers on what NOT to do when you gather at the New England conference center. There have been a lot of trendy ideas that have plagued conferences, gatherings, educational sessions and other types of off-site meetings for years, so it’s best to avoid those as much as possible when planning a professional meeting for your team.

The goal is to create something that will benefit everyone in some way, shape or form. You need to engage, but that does not necessarily mean that you need to entertain. This is a business meeting, so it should be professional. When you contact the on-site event coordinator at the meeting room in Milford, MA, make sure to take time to ask about all of the amenities that are available and the options that can be considered to create a well-planned event. Make sure that the Milford conference hall has ample parking, audio-visual equipment and all of the extras that you require.

Mistake #1 – Not Creating an Agenda
In order to achieve the goals that you have set for your professional meeting, you need to have an agenda. It is important that you stick to the agenda and don’t allow employees to bully you into veering off into tiny subjects, issues or items that are not related to the goals at hand. Create an agenda sheet and consider presenting it to your team members ahead of the meeting at the New England conference center. That way they will know what will be discussed – and what won’t. Keep the focus on what needs to be accomplished and refrain from allowing everyday topics from entering into the discussion.

Mistake #2 – Not Speaking with Employees
One way to help keep your sight on the goals at hand is to speak with employees individually before you all participate in the events at the meeting room in Milford, MA. Let them know what the event will be about, what the goals are for the meeting – this might even be a great time to share that agenda sheet with employees so they will see that you are focused and prepared. Make sure to deal with any situations that might cause problems during the meeting at the Milford conference hall ahead of time, such as problems between team members, disgruntled employees or complaints that need to be vented. Use this time ahead of your meeting to listen – really listen – to what your employees have to say so it won’t interfere with planning a professional meeting on the day of the event.

Mistake #3 – Not Carefully Choosing the Guest List
You don’t need to invite the entire office to the New England conference center for your off-site meeting, just the team members who will be involved in the project or will be working to achieve the primary goal that you have set for the agenda. If only ten people will be working on the project, just invite those ten employees. If there are other departments that will be involved in other ways, consider bringing them along as well so everyone is on the same page. Part of hosting an off-site meeting is having the unique ability to bring co-workers and departments together to work toward a common goal. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to do so when you have it.

Mistake #4 – Not Knowing What Team Building Exercises to Avoid
Corporate employees have been through the ropes – literally – with regard to team building exercises such as tug-o-war, trust falls, field day games and other group events. Don’t insult your employees any further by making them interact in silly 90’s era team building exercises at the meeting room in Milford, MA. Instead, treat them like adults and find new ways to become a more cohesive group that will be able to work together like a team. True trust is built when employees know that they can count on each member of the team to play the role that they were assigned. When each department knows that the other departments are committed to meeting deadlines and getting the job done right, they will be more apt to go all out and apply the same dedication to completing their tasks.

Mistake #5 – Not Choosing a Good Venue
Bring your team to The Crystal Room Conference Center in Milford, Massachusetts. Our facility has everything you will need for planning a professional meeting, including free Wi-Fi, a mobile device charging station, flat panel screens, wireless microphones and all of the technology you could possibly require. We have on-site catering to provide you with refreshments and a luncheon throughout the day, allowing you and your team to continue working throughout the meeting without having to leave our location.

Call The Crystal Room Conference Center and meeting room in Milford, MA today at 508-478-7800 to find out about availabiltiy for your off-site meeting or to learn more about our Milford conference hall and everything we have to offer. We are located just a minute off the I-495, making our venue very convenient for attendees coming from the Greater Boston area and all over the South Coast region.