Motivation: Host an Awards Business Banquet in Massachusetts

awards-dinner-businessLooking for a new way to motivate your team? Try hosting an awards banquet that will give you a way to provide recognition for team members who go above and beyond, acknowledge employees who have hit certain milestones within the company, and introduce new team members who are making an impact. Depending on the number of employees at your business, you might want to consider renting out space at The Crystal Room Conference Center in Milford, MA. Located just a minute off the I-495, the conference hall rental venue is conveniently located for all of your employees and their guests to attend.

Hosting a business banquet in Massachusetts is a great way to reward employees for their hard work and dedication throughout the year. Some companies choose to host an event at the local Milford conference room as a special annual event. Employees look forward to attending every year because we offer them an elegant experience and a fun way to increase motivation throughout their office. Choose to simply rent space and cater the event, or use one of our in-house vendors to take care of it for you. Our on-site event coordinator can help you pull it all together to create an unforgettable night for everyone involved.

Step One – Create a Budget
The first thing you need to do is sit down with your co-managers and financial department to come up with a budget for the business banquet awards dinner. Make sure to plan for the conference hall rental, catering, entertainment, special speakers, and any other extra things that you want to include. Invitations, decorations, use of audio-visual equipment, servers, valet parking and any other things that you want to add should be considered as well.

Step Two – Choose a Venue
Make sure to pick a conference center that is large enough to handle your entire office staff and their spouses or families if you will be inviting everyone to attend. Ensure that there is ample parking and that the amenities that you desire for your business banquet in Massachusetts are already in place or can be added. The Crystal Room Conference Center is a premier venue and features many beneficial amenities that will enhance your awards banquet experience. Make sure to reserve your date early to ensure availability.

Step Three – Establish a Schedule
Every event should have a basic schedule, an outline of the things that you are planning to happen and the order in which they should occur. For example, many awards dinners start out by bringing everyone in to talk, make introductions of spouses and chat with the people at their table before the food is served. In some cases, a speech will be made prior to the dinner and entertainment will be on stage during food service, while other events may serve the meal first and start the speakers during dessert service. If you will have speakers, awards, drawings, performers or music, make sure to schedule it all for the entire evening.

Step Four – Choose a Theme
One way to keep your business dinner at the conference hall rental under control is to choose a theme. A black-and-white formal affair is a popular choice, however other more casual themes can work as well. Perhaps something that reflects the type of work that you do or the name of your business? Maybe something fun like a Hawaiian Luau or an Italian Night. The food that you serve, the decorations that you use at the conference center – even the invitations that you send out to your employees – can all embrace the theme of the event.

Step Five – Design the Awards
Once everything else is taken care of, you can put your focus on the awards that will be handed out to your employees. Will you use an actual metal trophy or will you hand out framed certificates? Will you include a gift card or some other monetary award with each acknowledgement? Other ideas include featuring an employee of the year or acknowledging each employee of the month from the previous year, as well as employees that are retiring or moving to a different location. You should order the awards as far in advance as possible to ensure that they arrive in time for the event and have them delivered to your office and not the conference hall rental to avoid any confusion.

Contact The Crystal Room Conference Center in Milford
If you are interested in learning more about organizing a business banquet in Massachusetts for your company, contact our team of professional event coordinators at The Crystal Room Conference Center by calling 508-478-7800. We can help you choose a date, make sure you have enough space for your special event, help you with tables, chairs and everything else you will need to have a memorable event for your employees. Call today to take a tour of our facility or to get a FREE quote on a conference hall rental at our Milford conference room.