New England Conference Center Rental Ideas for Office Parties

If it is your job to plan an office party, team building conference, awards dinner, or another type of corporate event, the best thing you can do is get organized. Ask about the budget before you do anything, so you’ll know much money you have to work with for the conference hall rental, food and beverage items, and activities. Figure out a date or range of dates as soon as possible, as quality space at your local New England conference center may be limited. This is especially true if you are trying to plan a party at a meeting room in Milford, MA during the middle of wedding season or around any of the major holidays. You will also want to make sure you choose a date that will be convenient so your employees or coworkers can attend.

Why Host a Party?

There are many reasons why you should want to host an event for your team. Studies show that well-planned events are a great way to show appreciation and boost company morale. Employee events can be in conjunction with the holiday season or hosted at the end of the year to celebrate making a goal or other achievements. Awards, certificates, and gift cards can be presented to individuals who worked as project leaders, had the best sales, made the most improvement, or hit other strategic marks. Include favors, door prizes, or raffle options for all employees to make the event fun and exciting.

The food that you serve at any employee event should reflect the level of appreciation that you have for your team. What message does it send if you host a party in a recreation hall and order 50 pizzas compared to the impression that would be made if you rented a ballroom and provided a four-course plated meal? If the goal is to award, thank, inspire, or encourage your employees, you need to go all out. Serve appetizers, offer cocktails, provide a quality meal, and make sure to finish it off with a spectacular dessert or a cake with the company logo.

Sending Invitations

Inviting your team to attend a party at the local New England conference center is your first chance to show the type of event you are hosting. Take the time to create a nice invitation, whether it will be sent via email, posted in the company breakroom, or mailed out individually to employees. Choose a theme for the event at the meeting room in Milford, MA and include it in the design of the invitation. Make sure to provide all necessary information, such as the address, directions, date, and time, as well as any details about bringing spouses, families, or if “plus one guests” are allowed for singles.

You will need a head count to determine the final cost of the party at the conference hall rental location, so request that employees RSVP with the number of guests that they will be bringing for accuracy. Give a deadline for confirming attendance and contact anyone that you haven’t heard from about a week before that date. While you don’t want to force people to attend or pressure them into coming, you do want to make sure that everyone feels invited and welcome to share this event with management and staff.

Consider Using a Team

Another great way to build excitement and interest in the company party is to use a team to help with the planning and execution. Choose the best team members based on their ability to be organized, inspire others, and provide creative solutions. Small groups will be more efficient, but larger groups can bring a lot more to the experience. If you have a large company, consider bringing in a good size group of individuals to help with the planning. Smaller offices might be able to get away with a committee of three to five and a lead organizer guiding the planning efforts. It all depends on your business and what you want to accomplish at the New England conference center.

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