Plan a Massachusetts Networking Event & Business Conference

Business Networking EventOne of the best ways to expand your business and reach out to the community within your industry is to host a networking event or conference at your local New England conference center. Whether you are just setting out to establish your business within the industry, or if you are looking to grow and reach out to colleagues and relevant business owners, a networking event at the Milford conference center could be just the thing you need to help you achieve your goals.

There are many benefits to networking. You don’t even need to own or operate a business-to-business type organization to take advantage of a business conference in Massachusetts. Building relationships, forging bonds, getting to know fellow business owners from the local South Coast region and beyond, these are all great reasons to host an event at an area conference room. Just make sure to choose a venue that is easy to find for out-of-town guests in addition to your local community.

Sending Out Invitations
Try to give your guests at least six to eight weeks advance notice to come to your event at the Milford conference center – especially if they will be coming in to attend from out-of-town. Choose a venue, such as a New England conference center like The Crystal Room Conference Center, that features plenty of parking and is conveniently located. We are literally just a minute off the I-495, making access easy for attendees coming from all throughout the northeastern region. Decide whether to send out invitations electronically via email, posted to a website, or via post mail, but just make sure to do it with plenty of notice.

Secure the venue at the local conference room well in advance to make sure you get your desired date. If weekends are booked, consider hosting during the week. Just make sure that you don’t interfere with holidays, vacation times at local schools, traditional vacation periods, or any other time of the year that might reduce your guest list. Consider whether you want to require an RSVP or if you just want to keep the invitation open. Ensure that any vendors, entertainment or guests of honor that you invite are available to book your event before you sign a contract for your business conference in Massachusetts.

Find New Ways to Network
Consider adding interactive activities that will help encourage guests to mingle and chat. Invite your guests to bring business cards, flyers regarding products and services, as well as any brochures that they might want to share. Add a table for these promotional items and find unique methods for getting attendees to pick-up cars and interact with each other during the event. Speak with the on-site coordinator at the New England conference center to find out if they have any suggestions with regard to activities or other in-house opportunities.

Some other methods used in networking events at local conference rooms include:

  • raffles or drawings using business cards for industry appropriate giveaways – make sure to hold off giving out prizes until the end of the evening
  • expo tables for display or demonstration of products and services
  • floating event hosts who greet guests, make introductions and ensure they receive name tags, gift bags and other interactive tools
  • sponsorship or speaking opportunities for industry leaders
  • Q&A sessions prior to the event for “newbies” or those new to these events
    standing cocktail or refreshment party instead of buffet, banquet or other seated arrangements to encourage mingling and networking
  • organized networking exercises to “match” like-business owners or representatives together

If you are the host or organizer of the networking event or business conference in Massachusetts, it is your job to encourage, increase and facilitate networking at the Milford conference center. Make sure that you have lots of great ideas in-mind, including back-up plans in case your original plans don’t go over well, to increase the return on your investment in this event. The best way to plan a successful mixer, party, gathering or convention at a local New England conference center is to consider the demographic that you are reaching out to and ensure that their needs and goals are expressly met.

Visit The Crystal Room Conference Center in Milford, MA
If you are interested in planning a networking event or conference at our Southeastern Massachusetts conference room, give us a call at 508-478-7800. Our on-site staff can help you with everything you could need to host a successful event. From tables and chairs to catering and an open bar, our team can help you plan an event at our Milford conference center that will keep people taking about it for months to come.