Plan a Professional Meeting That’s Engaging at Milford Venue

Nobody wants to go to a meeting. The term “board room” should have been spelled “bored room” because that’s what usually happens in there. Looking for a way to combat boredom and keep your team engaged during professional meetings? Try thinking outside the box and take your employees outside of the board room for starters. When you think back on every boring meeting that you have ever attended, chances are it was held at the office. Start looking around for a Milford meeting room that you can use for planning a professional meeting that will actually hold everyone’s attention and perhaps even inspire them to take action on the items that are discussed.

How to Find a Meeting Room in Milford, MA
While you might not be ready to take space at a large expo center or even at a big hotel in Boston, your team might be better served by staying closer to home for a professional business meeting at a venue located in Milford. Just a minute off the I-495, The Crystal Room Convention Center has space for every size of an event. We do corporate gatherings, seminar series, private meetings, training workshops, team building events, and even company dinners. Whatever you need to do with the venue space, you can do it at our Milford meeting room and conference center.

Some of the big points that you need to consider when choosing a venue should include:

  • make sure the room has enough space for you and all of your employees
  • ask about technology opportunities, including audio-visual equipment, Wi-Fi, mobile charging stations, and anything else you might need
  • schedule breaks if the meeting will last more than two hours; provide break times every hour
  • serve refreshments, lunch, and dinner, depending on how long the meeting will last; if you do not serve at least the basic refreshments for a half day event, everyone will lose interest and start thinking about food
  • select a convenient location with ample parking

Tips for More Engaging Meetings
Did you know that most people walk into a meeting immediately assume that it will be a waste of their time? The reason for this is that many meetings do not stay on topic, don’t offer anything tangible that people can take away, or repeat the same message over and over again without every really getting anywhere. You can avoid planning a professional meeting that puts your staff to sleep by following the rules listed below. A professional business meeting doesn’t have to be boring. It can be exciting, engaging, fun, and memorable, but you have to give it some effort and try something new.

  • Avoid Monday or Friday Meetings – Most people aren’t at their best on Monday and everyone is too consumed with thinking about the weekend to really focus on Friday.
  • Keep the Invite List Short – Only invite essential personnel to attend. The goal is to get out of the office and away from distractions at the Milford meeting room.
  • Get Organized and Stay That Way – Create an agenda to help you make the topic of discussion very clear; create notes, a schedule for the day, have visual materials that you can use to make your point, and come early to make sure everything is organized at the meeting room in Milford, MA before you get started.
  • Use Different Types of Media – Don’t just stand there at a podium or hold a microphone and drone on and on and on. However, the only worse thing than a boring speaker is a boring speaker with a PowerPoint presentation. Talk WITH your audience, not AT them. Engage them in a one-way conversation by moving around the room, making eye contact, and talking without obviously reading from notecards. Use video, audio, photo images, charts, graphs, and anything else that will help you make your point in different ways. Consider having tangible objects if there is a product or item that can be presented.
  • Don’t Hand Out Materials – If you have take-away items that you want your team to have handy, don’t hand it out as if they were in school. Email it to them afterward and include a record of the meeting. Do this within 24 hours to keep the information fresh in their minds.
  • Plan for Discussion – Include time periods in your schedule for questions and answers or open discussion. The more your team is able to discuss the topic, the better understanding they will gain about what you want them to learn or do. Don’t make this time too rigid, make sure everyone is comfortable with speaking up and don’t cut anyone sort. Better to go over than to have someone sit there not asking questions.

Tour the Crystal Room Conference Center
If you are planning a professional meeting or corporate event, visit our well-appointed meeting room in Milford, MA. Our team can help you plan anything from a large convention with a full expo floor to a private and professional business meeting for you and your staff. Speak with our on-site event coordinator about catering options for refreshments, technology opportunities – including Wi-Fi and a mobile charging station, property parking options, and anything else you might need. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 to schedule a tour of our facility or to check on availability for your desired meeting date.