Plan a Seminar Series or Training Workshop in Massachusetts

There are many different types of corporate events that go on in the Southcoast area. At The Crystal Room Conference Center, our meeting and conference center plays host to a variety of meetings, seminar series, and training workshop in Massachusetts. While some people might think that hosting a training conference, workshop, or seminar series is essentially the same thing, the truth is that there are very distinct differences between these various types of events. Knowing the difference can help during the planning phase to make sure that you effectively execute your business gathering at our Milford conference hall. Attendees need to know what to expect, and you need to deliver in order to make it worth their while.

What is a Seminar Series?

Seminars and lectures are very much the same thing. They both embrace a classroom-style of learning where attendees come to listen to a speaker, lecturer, or instructor and take notes during the presentation. Some seminars will have a questions-and-answers portion at the end of the event, while others might not have that opportunity. Seminars tend to have large audiences that come to hear information or learn about a specific topic or niche. Audiences of 100 or more are quite common for a seminar at our meeting and conference center in Milford. We have ample on-site parking to allow for such large numbers of guests and offer a wide range of in-house services, amenities, and options designed to help our clients plan a successful event.

What is a Workshop?

A training workshop in Massachusetts is similar to a seminar series only in that education and information are provided to the attendees. Workshops are events in which instruction handouts, such as downloadable booklets, whitepapers, and guides, are provided to the audience so they can take the knowledge and skills that they learn back to the office with them. Workshops are often very specific to a particular skill or area, offering focused information to attendees who want to learn how to do a particular job or become more proficient at a job that they are already doing. Workshops are typically smaller in attendance than seminars, as a lot of hands-on activities and interactive options are usually included. Smaller numbers allow for more interaction, questions, and learning opportunities.

What is a Training Workshop?

Sometimes known as training, a training seminar, or a training workshop, this type of corporate event can be the most confusing, simply because of the title. Training implies hands-on education and guidance with a specific function, skill, or technique. The purpose is to provide the attendee with the opportunity to improve performance, productivity, capacity, capability, and proficiency with a particular topic. Many corporate businesses offer training to their employees at all levels and departments, including sales and marketing, research and development, customer service, social media marketing, and information technology, to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Which Option is Best for You?

The best way to determine which type of event is best for your business to host at a Milford conference hall is to look at your goals for the gathering. What do you want the attendees to get out of going? Who will be attending the event? How many individuals do you want to attend? How will the program be organized? Will you provide handouts and other tangible information for attendees to use? All of this can be used to identify whether you are planning a training workshop in Massachusetts or hosting a training conference, business seminar series, or some other type of gathering.

Once you figure out what you want to do, you can start to make some plans. Choose the venue that best suits your needs for the type of event you want to host and put down a deposit. Take into consideration the time of year, any holidays coming up, as well as any other obstacles that might make it difficult for people to attend. Work with the on-site event staff for everything from setting up tables and chairs for the meeting to arranging audiovisual equipment, mobile charging stations, Wi-Fi access, and catering. At The Crystal Room Conference Center, we can help you put together all of the details for your corporate event to leave you more time for planning the content of what will be discussed. Call our team at 508-478-7800 to discuss your needs or schedule a tour of our facility.