Planning a Union Meeting in Milford: Why the Location Matters

union-meetingMillions upon millions of dollars have been spent by business organizations around the globe, studying new and better ways to gain an edge in corporate negotiations. Unions have generations of experience in this area as well and between the two types of organizations, both have come to the conclusion that the location of the negotiations have a huge impact upon the overall success of the professional business meeting. When planning a union meeting or a business event in the Southeastern Massachusetts area, make sure to consider The Crystal Room Conference Center in Milford, MA for all of your professional needs.

In addition to providing both parties with a convenient location right off the I-495, The Crystal Room Conference Center has all of the amenities and space that you could possibly need. With plenty of parking, audio-visual equipment, high-tech options, flat panel screens, Wi-Fi connectivity, a complete mobile device charging station for you and your guests, as well as many different sizes of meeting space and conference rooms, you can find it all right here in Milford, MA. Work directly with our in-house event planner and on-site caterer to provide you will all of the features, options and setups you need in order to have a successful meeting or negotiation.

Finding Common Ground in a Neutral Location

When it comes time to choose a location for your union meeting or business negotiation, it is important to choose a neutral location that will provide everyone involve with a comfortable, convenient and well-appointed space to conduct their discussions. Making sure that everyone’s needs are met, that there is hot coffee, chilled water bottles, snacks and even meals served if the negotiations or meetings in the conference rooms go on for several hours – or over the course of many days – will help to create a comfortable atmosphere.

Choose a location that has ample parking, clean restrooms, on-site catering and opportunities for parties to walk away from the professional business meeting to get some fresh air, take a personal phone call and charge up their cellphones, tablets and other mobile devices. The choice of the site when planning a union meeting or conference has a huge impact on the negotiation strategy that can be employed. This is especially true for negotiations between parties that are on completely opposite sides of the spectrum, such as a company owner and a union negotiation team or companies that have a wide berth of cultural differences between them.

Studies show that the best way to find common ground in a discussion with someone who is literally on the “opposite side of the table” from you is to find something that you have in common. Even when talking about the same thing, people from different point of views will rarely ever be talking about “the same thing” with each other due to their personal or professional perceptions. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be the cause for misunderstandings or confused messages throughout the negotiation process. While effective communication skills and translations between the parties through the use of an impartial third party can be helpful, it is essential that you host the meeting in conference rooms that help everyone to feel at ease.

Things That Negatively Impact a Meeting

Regardless of the type of professional business meeting or negotiation that you are hosting, there are some common things that can negatively impact the success of the meeting. Basic things like noise, traffic, disturbances from other meetings taking place or events in the area – all of these things are a distraction. Meetings that are held at destination locations seem like a good idea, but everyone is thinking about the tourist things they want to do after the meetings close at the end of the day. In some cases, an unfamiliar surrounding can be a distraction, however choosing conference rooms that have all the comforts that one would expect at a professional business meeting can help.

Choosing a Quality Location

If you are interested in planning a union meeting, contract negotiation or professional business meeting in the Southeastern Massachusetts, Connecticut or Rhode Island area, look no further than The Crystal Room Conference Center in Milford, MA. Just give our team of professional planners and coordinators a call at 508-478-7800 to set up an appointment to take a tour of our facility or to reserve a space for your next event. We are located conveniently just one minute off the I-495 with easy access from Boston, Providence, New Bedford and other major business locations.