Planning Tips for a New England Business Training Conference

Training Conference Milford, MAIf your company frequently hires new employees, utilizes seasonal help, or has unique training needs, you might benefit from an in-house training program. When you create your own program, you can address the unique needs of your business without wasting time. Generic training programs often miss specific areas of training that employees can benefit from the most. Hosting a training conference is no easy task. However, companies will get the best results if they move training to off-site conference rooms.

Planning a training workshop or seminar in Milford, MA requires the use of a proper New England conference center. You need to find a venue that has the space you need, the amenities you require, and an environment that will encourage learning. Crowded city areas can be a distraction, so moving your training program to a conference center that is away from the office will be a big benefit. Make sure to choose a location that is convenient and easy-to-find with lots of parking. This is important to help start the day off for your employees on a positive note.

What Do You Need?

Identifying your needs is an important step in planning any type of event for your company. What are your goals? What are the needs that can be addressed by hosting a training conference? What do you want your employees to learn so they can be more productive and effective? Training for new hires, seasonal workers, and new product or services will require specific education. Create a committee at the office that includes supervisors and experienced employees who can provide valuable insight.

Whether you need to increase results for a struggling sales department or boost marketing through social media, a training workshop can help. Need to improve your customer service department or reduce complaints from service calls? Hosting a seminar in Milford, MA for your team might be the solution. Training can take time to make a difference, but it is important to take a proactive approach. The more you can do to fix the problem, the quicker it will be solved.

BONUS TIP: Listen to your staff when you bring them to the New England conference center. There may be other underlying issues that need to be addressed that they will share in a neutral environment.

Producing Training Materials

There are a couple of ways to go about producing the training manuals required for use in the off-site conference rooms. First, you could shop around online to find training courses that are similar to your needs. You can always add a special speaker at your seminar in Milford, MA to include specific training items. It is also possible to add an extra chapter or section to training if there are unique training areas that you want to include. The second approach is to write it all yourself. Work with your committee to specifically address the areas where training is needed, create a visual presentation, and provide a handout for support.

Whatever type of training you choose, make sure to include a video, a speaker, and some physical type of written instruction for the employees to take with them. Even if the handout is simply a brochure or printed sheet or paper with an outline of what they have learned, it will be helpful. People learn in many different ways. Some are visual, while others are more hands-on. Some people acquire new knowledge through the written word, while others do better if they hear it from a respected teacher. The more you can do to include all of these methods into your workshop, the easier it will be to get everyone on board with the training.

BONUS TIP: Consider having a hands-on activity with the training program, if applicable. Team-building exercises, informal Q&A of the speaker, or anything else that requires participation can help to make the training more personal to each employee.

Plan Training in Advance

The more time that you can have to plan on hosting a training conference, the better. So if you are going to host a seminar in Milford, MA, try to reserve the space ahead of time and notify employees at least a few weeks in advance. 30-days notice is recommended, however, especially if your team will need to adjust their schedules to drive to the New England conference center. Provide driving instructions, a schedule of the day’s events, and any information about things they should bring. If you plan to serve brunch or lunch, include that in the announcement about the training workshop. The more your employees know about what to expect, the better it will be received.

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