Printed or Digital Materials: Training Seminar in Milford, MA

If you attend an event at your local New England conference center, you will notice that everyone is walking around with tablet computers, smartphones, and other handheld devices. They are extremely dependent on them for just about everything, from emails and collaboration conferencing to GPS mapping and web searches. It is important to find a place for hosting a training seminar or industry event that features options to accommodate this trend in business. The Crystal Room Conference Center has all of the audio-visual equipment you need to put on a great seminar in Milford, MA, including flat panel screens, a charging station for event attendees, and Wi-Fi for you, your team, and your guests.

Printed Materials
Back in the day, industry trade shows meant coming home with three-ring binders full of handouts from all of the seminars and educational programs that you attended during the event. Some companies began handing out CDs and DVDs with information, but today most conference attendees can simply access these materials online digitally via special websites or using unique access codes provided during the event at the conference center in Milford, MA. However, there is a debate as to whether or not the digital materials are as helpful or valuable as the printed versions. There’s just something to the idea of taking notes or holding an outline in your hand that a digital copy just can’t replicate.

There are many situations where a hard copy of the information is just more valuable than a digital version. If attendees are paying to go to an industry trade show at a New England conference center, then it might be in your best interest to have something tangible to give them during the show. Sure, you can offer a digital version as an alternative for those who do not want the printed documents, but you should always provide some type of takeaway for your paid attendees. Hand them out in the conference rooms at the beginning of the instructional course or seminar so they can jot down notes, read through the material, and then take it back to the office to share with co-workers. Printed materials provide value that can be seen and touched, which definitely bumps it ahead of a virtual or digital option.

Digital Materials
While the case for printed materials is strong, some attendees will still insist on having digital materials. Millenials have grown up with computer technology and will most likely be the largest demographic in the digital material camp, so if your industry has a lot of young adults attending the conference center in Milford, MA or if you are hosting a training seminar that you know will attract the younger set, you may want to make sure that you provide a digital option. The biggest advantage to digital materials is that they can be accessed from anywhere quickly and efficiently. If the information you are sharing is ever updated due to industry changes, you can provide updated versions without having to send out printed documents or files to past attendees.

Instead of having attendees lug a suitcase full of binders, flyers, and brochures from the New England conference center back to the office, they could instead have access to all materials via a special app for the event. The custom app would allow them to download and share learned information with co-workers and supervisors to increase the value of attending the conference in the first place. This is one way that digital materials can overcome the tangible value of printed materials. While developing the app or working with event app software does come at a price, the money saved compared to the cost of creating printed materials, shipping them to the seminar in Milford, MA and then taking the remaining packets back again would definitely make it worth the effort.

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