Refreshment Ideas for a Business Conference in Massachusetts

There are a lot of things to consider when planning an event at the local conference center. Even if the gathering is just for your own staff at a smaller meeting room in Milford, MA, it is important to get all of your details in order ahead of time. Creating a schedule can be helpful so that no one will lose track of the focus for the event at the local conference hall rental. So whether you are planning a huge business conference in Massachusetts or are hosting a training session for your team at the Milford conference hall, make sure to take some time to plan out every minute of the day’s schedule.

Picking Refreshments
You might think that it’s easy to select refreshments for your event at the conference center, but if you pick the wrong items, it could spell disaster. Things like coffee in the morning and water bottles in the afternoon are a given, but if you provide too many sweet treats and carbs throughout the day, you could end up with a sleepy group of attendees who can’t pay attention and won’t get anything out of attending. The whole goal of an event at a meeting room in Milford, MA is to get a return on your investment. Not just monetary, but the time that you spend planning, inviting attendees, and the time spent away from the office to attend, it is important to get something back for your efforts.

Who wouldn’t want to come into the banquet hall at the Milford conference hall and just see a table filled with pizzas, tacos, french fries, and cheeseburgers? Unfortunately, all of these fatty, greasy, and carb-laden food items will result in a tired audience that can’t focus on what’s being said, taught or presented. If you have ever attended another business conference in Massachusetts, you might remember that the refreshments were intentionally light. This is not because the event coordinators are going “cheap” with the planning for the conference center, but that they were thinking ahead about what foods would be best for their conference attendees.

Refreshments to Avoid
One of the go-to drinks for many events held at the local conference hall rental is soda pop. Regular or diet, this can be a mistake. Sugary sodas with too much caffeine can have the opposite effect on attendees, giving them a bit of a lift one minute, only to crash down the next. Diet sodas can increase the number of restroom breaks that need to be taken, causing some attendees to miss out on important information or training instruction. Basic coffee with the convenience store offering of creamers and sugars is okay, but setting up a homage to that Seattle-based coffee company with whipped cream, fancy creamers, iced options, syrups and more would be a big mistake.

Stay away from sugary donuts, pastries, and the like when choosing items for a breakfast or brunch menu. You can include some baked items, just not the sugar-laden type. Meals for lunch and dinner should be light, contain a lot of protein options, and be easy to juggle while talking or networking. Unless you have a plated, sit-down meal to honor your guests or put on an awards program, you should avoid heavy foods and stick with the lighter fare. Avoid serving alcohol, unless it is at the “after party” following the event. Even then, consider limiting the amount through the use of drink tickets to prevent guests from getting drunk and then driving back home.

Refreshments to Include
Speak with the caterer at the meeting room in Milford, MA to find out about any healthy foods that they have available for the menu during the event. Superfoods would be an excellent choice, as well as salads, and other lighter fare. The reason why you will often see a spread of fresh fruit, vegetables, muffins, bagels, healthy sandwiches, side salads, cheese and cracker trays, all with assorted basic beverages. Some of the best beverages include coffee, which should be changed out regularly throughout the day to avoid becoming bitter, water bottles, iced tea, and various juices.

Resist the urge to put out mayonnaise-laden salads, greasy potato chips, and dessert trays. The goal here is to keep everyone fed, energized, and excited, but without the crash that can occur when too much sugar or carbohydrates are consumed. Work with the catering service at the conference center to pick an assortment of quality refreshments. Everyone who attends your business conference in Massachusetts will appreciate your efforts.

The Crystal Room Conference Center has a wide variety of options available for you to provide to your guests in the meeting room in Milford, MA. We can help you choose what you want a la carte for breakfast, brunch, snacks, lunch, and dinner or we can provide a full banquet, buffet, or plated dinner service, depending on your needs. All of our catering is provided by Tuesday from Tara, a very well-respected catering services located in the local area. Our team of on-site event coordinators can help you choose the best selections for your event at our Milford conference hall. Make sure to schedule refreshment breaks, along with meal breaks, throughout the day if you are hosting an all-day conference or training session.

Visit the Crystal Room Conference Center
If you are planning an event in the South Coast area, make sure to visit the Crystal Room Conference Center for all of your meeting, convention, expo, training session, seminar and business conferences in Massachusetts. Our venue has all of the amenities you could ever want, including on-site catering and refreshments, to feed your guests and keep them focused during your presentation. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 to schedule a tour or to check on availability for an upcoming conference hall rental in Milford, MA.