Select Best Dining Style for Business Banquet in Milford, MA

Hosting and planning a corporate event can be challenging, especially when the main focus of the evening is the meal that will be served. While the purpose of the event will likely be something to do with the business, such as an awards dinner for employees, a milestone celebration, or as part of a larger conference at the local meeting and conference center, the truth is that most everyone in attendance will be talking about the meal when it’s all said and done. The food that you choose, the decor for the event, and even the style of service that is offered, will all be discussed – either positively or negatively – at length.

How to Plan a Successful Event
Of course the key to any successful corporate event is to choose the best business banquet facility in the area. Whether you are looking for a convenient Milford meeting room or need a large conference hall for your event, The Crystal Room Conference Center has all of the space, parking, amenities and options you need to pull off a spectacular affair. Even if you are new to staging events for your company, our team of experienced on-site coordinators can help you get it all together to put on a memorable event for everyone involved.

The first thing you need to do is to set a date. Work with the business banquet facility to find a date that works with your mutual schedules. The sooner you can book the venue, the sooner you can start filling in your other plans. Make sure that you have a budget from your finance department and that you go over any booking contracts with your superiors, should you need prior approval. Once the date and the venue are set, you can start making all of the other plans, such as selecting the menu, sending out the invitations, choosing the decor and hiring any additional vendors.

Select a Dining Style
Believe it or not, the type of service that you choose for the showcase meal is extremely important to the overall success of your party. While some types are more expensive than others, the dining style that you choose should reflect the message that you are trying to send with the event. Choose from a buffet-style service, cocktail party option or plated dinners, depending on your party’s needs and your budget. Get a quote on each style and go over the options with your party planning committee or your event supervisor, and then select the best type of dining style to meet your needs.

  • THE BUFFET – Definitely one of the most popular types of meal service seen at our meeting and conference center, this type is great for a casual event, such as corporate gatherings and community fundraisers. It even works well as a meal service for conferences, expos and seminars held at the Milford meeting room. The buffet can be set up in an additional conference hall, allowing your meetings or other events to occur separately before adjourning to the room for a lunch, dinner or other type of refreshment. Buffet-style dining has many advantages, such as reducing the number of servers (and cost) required, allowing for multiple menu options, and helping guests to avoid allergens or other dietary restrictions on a plate-by-plate basis. However, this is not the best choice for a “fancy” dinner service, such as an awards dinner at our business banquet facility.
  • THE COCKTAIL PARTY – Not a complete dinner service, the cocktail party type event at the Milford meeting room is more about hors d’oeuvres and other “tasting” type bites that are served by service staff or laid out in a buffet-style to allow guests to help themselves. Bartenders are required, as is a system of either drink tickets, open bar or cash bar options for drinks. Great for small events, as it allows everyone to wander around during the party, networking and chatting as they make their way throughout the space. Creates a very relaxed atmosphere and reduces food costs compared to other types of dining styles. However, it is important to make sure that guests know that it is a cocktail party ahead of time so they won’t be expecting a full plated meal or buffet.
  • THE PLATED DINNER – The most traditional and potentially elegant option of the three types of dining styles in our showcase, guests will be served three to four courses that are served individually by our team of highly trained wait staff. Menu options for entrees can be chosen by guests who RSVP for the gathering at the business banquet facility. A great choice for any number of types of events, ranging from business casual to formal, including company awards dinners, political fundraisers, end-of-convention dinners and more. This type of dining style will cost more at the local Milford meeting room than buffets or cocktail parties, but it is what most people expect when they are invited to a big event at a business banquet facility.

Contact The Crystal Room Conference Center
If you are interested in visiting our local conference hall or would like to schedule an appointment with our on-site coordinator to discuss your event ideas for our meeting and conference center, please give us a call at 508-478-7800. Our team is ready and eager to help you choose the dining style and amenities that will best suit your company’s needs.