Shake Things Up: Planning a Professional Meeting in Milford, MA

office-meetingEvery now and then, it pays to shake things up at the office. After months and months of having the same old meeting where it seems like nothing gets done, nothing new gets suggested and nobody ever steps up to the plate, it can be beneficial to take your team off-site to the local conference center in Milford, MA. Hosting a meeting at an off-site place can bring a breath of fresh air to a “think tank” or team that has not been as productive as it could be.

Planning a professional meeting at a new location can help to spark the creativity of your employees. It grabs their attention and tells them that this isn’t just the same old Tuesday morning meeting, but something special. By making a day of it, with a catered lunch and a couple of nice refreshment breaks throughout the day, you are building their confidence, showing them that they matter and, studies have shown, this helps to boost productivity and get even the quietest team member more involved.

Getting a Conference Hall Rental

If this sounds like just the encouragement that your business team needs to get out of a slump or start working together to improve their communication skills, then it’s time to start planning your company’s business conference in Massachusetts. The Crystal Room Conference Center is located in Milford, which is just a minute off the I-495, making it convenient and easy to find for just about any employee. You could encourage carpooling in, which is a great way to get co-workers talking, sharing and communicating before they even arrive at the location.

It is important to make sure that the venue has all of the things you will need for a successful outing when you are planning a professional meeting. Plenty of space for everyone to sit – either in conference room style or set up like a classroom. If you are going to present a video, Power Point or other type of presentation, make sure the venue has audio-visual aides that can be used to facilitate your needs. Wi-Fi is another necessity of today, so make sure something like this will be available. A nice comfortable, elegantly-designed facility that has all the bells and whistles – that’s exactly what you need.

Catering to Your Every Need

One huge advantage of working with The Crystal Room Conference Center in Milford, MA is that we offer in-house catering for all our events. Choose from a variety of options including a buffet or seated luncheon, a selection of beverages throughout the meeting and a snack bar to keep everyone focused between meals if anyone gets hungry.

Your other needs will be met as well, including ample parking for your staff so no one will have to be late because they couldn’t find a parking spot. Wi-Fi is available, as well as an option to add a mobile charging station so everyone can keep their laptops, tabs and smartphones charged throughout the day.

Choose from a smaller meeting space to a mid-sized room, as well as a large ballroom, which can be used to host meetings or to host a banquet dinner following the day’s events. There are a lot of options available to businesses at The Crystal Room. Our goal is to cater to your every need and meet or exceed all of your expectations.

Consider Hosting a Workshop

Another method that many companies have used successfully in their favor is to host a training workshop. Whether you bring in a third-party person to run the workshop, invite a speaker, hire a specialist to come in and work with you and your team or decide to run it yourself, workshops can be very beneficial. Identifying what your underlying issues are – such as lack of communication, problems between staff members, a drop in productivity, etc. – can really help to keep the focus on the issues at hand and allow problem-solving to occur.

Other companies invite their team members out for a two or three-day event that involves listening to industry expert speakers, working with a group leader for team building exercises and also having a sit down meeting to see if these skills are being improved upon or if more work is required. It all depends on how much work your team needs to get back on track and start behaving like that dynamic group that once drove the ship at the office.

What You Need to Do

Contact The Crystal Room Conference Center in Milford, MA by calling 508-478-7800 to find out more about our facility. We can give you a quote on the conference hall rental, let you know about all of the amenities we have on site, tell you about the catering and technology options available for your meeting and our event coordinator can help you with all the details for planning a professional meeting for your team. If you are interested in planning a business conference in Massachusetts for your team, company or industry, give us a call and learn more about what The Crystal Room Conference Center can do for you.