The Best Snacks to Get for Massachusetts Business Conferences

So you are hosting a professional business meeting, team building conference, or another type of corporate gathering at a New England conference center for you and your employees. You’ve hired the motivational speaker, created a schedule of events, know what needs to be accomplished, catered a luncheon or a dinner to keep everyone fed, but you haven’t quite thought about what snacks to serve throughout the day. You want to avoid sweets, as that gets everyone a little brain-fogged by the middle of the afternoon. The best way to keep everyone focused and host a productive meeting is to make sure that you choose healthy options that will provide energy and enthusiasm while avoiding afternoon yawns during the training workshop at your business conference in Massachusetts.

A Healthy Bounty
By offering your team members a wide variety of healthy options, you give them the ability to opt for healthier selections without forcing it upon them. The snacks should be made available in the conference room for your employees to grab during restroom breaks throughout the day, apart from the lunch or dinner meals that you serve. Moving beyond the early morning pastries and buckets of coffee, more businesses are electing to serve healthy foods at a professional business meeting to help retain focus and increase participation. This is very important in a team building conference or another type of event that is designed to get everyone working together toward a common goal.

Some of the healthy options for snack trays can include:

  • Fruit Tray – Choose high- and low-glycemic fruits, including strawberries, melons, and grapes, as well as whole fruits, which can include apples, bananas, and citrus.
  • Veggie Tray – One of the most popular snack options for any gathering, include things like celery sticks, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, and other favorites. Serve with ranch dressing and individual cups on the side for dipping.
  • Hummus/Pita Tray – A selection of whole-grain and plain pita bread or chips along with a couple of well-marked options for hummus is also a favorite at these types of gatherings. The combination of whole-grain and protein will keep everyone focused and alert.
  • Healthy Bars – Low-fat, whole-grain granola bars, low-sugar fiber bars, protein bars, and other healthy bar snacks are also well-received by most business professionals.
  • Nuts & Seeds – Another great choice to keep everyone alert is to have a tray of various nuts and seeds. Keep peanuts separated from the tree nuts and mark carefully for those with allergies. Sunflower seeds, peanuts, almonds, cashews, and even a bowl of mixed nuts with dried fruit can be a welcome option. Include individual cups and have scoops in each bowl for serving.
  • Yogurt Station – Individual yogurts, along with granola, diced fruit, and nuts can be a lot of fun for employees to choose and customize. Select low-fat yogurts, Greek yogurt options, and both plain and flavored varieties.
  • Baked Snacks – Choose a selection of baked potato chips, sweet potato chips, pretzels, and other healthy snack foods.

Smart Hydration
Another key to keeping everyone awake and alert is ensuring that your employees are well-hydrated throughout the professional business meeting or event at the New England conference center. Instead of simply offering the standard coffee, water, and sodas, consider thinking outside the box and offer some alternative options instead. Save the coffee and high caffeine options for early in the morning to prevent groggy caffeine-deprived complainers, but before lunch, you should switch out the offerings to include other drinks.

Some of the popular choices include hot tea, iced tea, water bottles, flavored water bottles, lemonade, and flavored lemonade can hit a wide range of taste preferences. However, adding specialty options that you see your team enjoy at the office, such as electrolyte-based drinks, protein drinks, alkaline-waters, juices, smoothies, kombucha, and other healthy choices, can also be added if you want to add something extra that they will appreciate.

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