Tips for a Great Training Workshop in Milford, Massachusetts

Training Workshop in MassachusettsIf you are planning on hosting any type of professional event at a local conference center, it pays to have some serious organizational skills. Hosting a training conference or seminar series has a lot of layers involved with regard to planning and execution, so it pays to know a little bit about what you are going to do. Planning a training workshop in Massachusetts doesn’t have to be an all-consuming, frustrating event. In fact, if you take some time to read the following tips and do a little bit of research with regard to the type of event you want to host at the Milford conference hall, it can actually be quite simple.

What Type of Workshop?
Will this be an industry trade event for local entrepreneurs, business owners and other professionals or will you be keeping this in-house just for your own employees? Will it be on a specific topic or be about training for a certain skill? Do you want to host an all-day event or just have everyone come in for a few hours? Start by defining what it is that you want to do and what you want to achieve at the conference center. Outline some basic goals or outcomes for the event and start planning from there. Figure out how many guests you want to invite so you will know how much space you will need. Decide if you are going to serve lunch or refreshments and ask the Milford conference hall about on-site catering and setting up a buffet or dining area. Once you know what you want to do, you can start plotting out all of the details.

What is a Workshop?
Some people confuse terms for professional gatherings, such as seminars, workshops, lectures and meetings. A workshop is an interactive learning experience, where attendees not only get to ask questions throughout the event, but also get to participate in activities and experience the learning process first-hand. One way to stay on track is to realize that a seminar or lecture can totally occur online without everyone having to be there in-person, but a workshop requires attendees to all be in the same room in order to get the maximum benefit from attending. Someone standing at a podium and talking for hours one end at a conference center is not a workshop. A workshop means getting “in there” and actively doing something.

Small Groups = Big Impact
One thing that you might not be aware of with regard to hosting a training conference or training workshop in Massachusetts, is that the smaller the group, the bigger the impact it will have on each individual. If you will be attracting a large crowd, consider having multiple workshops in different rooms at the Milford conference hall and rotating throughout the schedule in a smaller group. For example – attendees with last names A through L would be in one group and attendees with last names M through Z would be in another group. The first group would do workshop #1 while the second group is taking workshop #2, then they switch. You get the benefit of a small group, while still meeting the needs of a larger group.

Hire Teachers, Not Speakers
When hosting a workshop, make sure to hire people to come out and work with attendees that are more teacher than speaker. You want someone who has experience doing hands-on teaching with your attendees, that will provide them with an interactive experience that they can take back and apply to real life in the workplace. Make sure that each workshop at your conference center event includes some type of interactive exercise that will help make the information being provided to come alive. Make sure to invite discussion, as well as a questions and answer session, at the end of each workshop. Include refreshments, break time and meal time to encourage further discussion between attendees throughout the day.

The Venue is Important
When hosting a training conference, the Milford conference hall that you choose to plan your event is just as important as the topics and exercises. Choose a conference center that has enough space for you and all of your guests that is conveniently located, boasts lots of ample parking, and has all of the amenities that you desire. Whether you need free Wi-Fi for you and all your guests, want to offer a charging station for mobile devices, need flat screens or white boards for visual aids, make sure that the place where you host your training workshop in Massachusetts has everything you require.

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