Tips for Planning an Off-Site Professional Business Meeting

off-site-meetings-workshopsThere are many reasons to hold a business meeting with your staff at a meeting room in Milford, MA away from the office. Some will hold a professional meeting as a means of regaining focus within the group away from the distractions of ringing telephones, YouTube videos and water cooler chit-chat. Others like to plan a small event at a local meeting and conference center as a way of breaking the mold to help creative thinkers, marketers and strategists to think outside the box. Still, another benefit of planning a professional meeting at an off-site location is to get the team more bonded to one another through a series of interactive exercises, workshops, meal and refreshment periods, and other fun activities.

Whatever your reasons – or your methods – it is important to put some effort into planning what will occur during the off-site meeting, such as what time you want to meet up, where you want to host the event, the schedule for the day’s activities and anything else you want to include. Some businesses choose to just host a one-day event, while others believe that a multi-day event is more beneficial, depending on their goals. When planning a professional meeting of any kind, it is important to sit down with your planning committee, have a budget, identify your goals and find solutions that work for everyone.

Common Goals of Off-Site Meetings
In most cases, taking time to identify the goals for your gathering at the meeting and conference center will be the catalyst that helps everything else to fall into place. The goals that you have will be unique to the industry that you work in and the type of work that you do. For example, a company that works in the green energy industry and provides marketing services for energy-efficient products might have a completely different goal than a company that provides windmill installations, even though it is still technically the same industry. Service oriented business will be different from product based businesses, while virtual content companies will be drastically different from businesses that work in order fulfillment or customer service.

That being said, there are some common goals that we can see across the board within a number of different industries and throughout multiple business types. Once you identify your goals, you can then decide how you want to use the professional business meeting opportunity to reach them.

Some of those goals for planning a professional meeting can include:

  • encouraging more participation by all employees in planning sessions and group meetings back at the office
  • establishing a chain of command or leadership to help clarify responsibilities and roles in the office setting
  • to spark creativity and encourage collaborative conversation within the group
  • introduce new members to the team and help everyone to be more comfortable with one another to boost results at the office
  • complete a planning, strategic or marketing project that the team has been unable to complete during office hours
  • educate or inspire employees with a motivational speaker, workshop coordinator or industry leader
  • create a more cohesive group through interactive opportunities and fun events
  • bring team members and their families together for a banquet, awards night or other expanded event to create more familiarity and bonding with the group
  • announce changes that will be occurring within the business structure or new goals for the business as a whole

Choose a Good Venue
The best way to achieve your goals is to plan your professional business meeting at a well-appointed meeting and conference center that is centrally located, yet far enough away from the office to avoid distractions. The Crystal Room Conference Center is a convention and meeting room in Milford, MA that has been used for many different types of professional events, such as conventions, expos, business meetings, conferences, seminars, training sessions, workshops, parties, awards dinners, celebrations and retirement parties, just to name a few.

When you choose to host your event at the meeting room in Milford, MA, you gain the insider experience of our team of professional planners who can help you to coordinate any vendors, technology, catering and refreshments, speakers and other elements to ensure that your event at our facility goes off without a hitch. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 to learn more about our event center or to schedule an appointment to take a tour of our facility.