Top 10 Reasons Why Members Attend Union Conferences in MA

Planning and hosting a training seminar and conference can be overwhelming. Depending on the size of your membership, you will likely need some help. A team working together needs to focus on finding new ways to get members to attend. Board members and other leaders will likely attend to vote and participate in meetings, but what about all of those members? How do you get them to come to the conference hall and sit in on some seminars and workshops?

While a union conference is a little different than the average corporate event held at our Milford meeting room, they are still quite similar when it comes to planning and marketing to a target demographic. Think about your members, what they are interested in, and what might get them to spend a few days in a training workshop in Massachusetts instead of being with their families. And what about the families? Do you market to them as well? Include them in the dinners, activities, and promotional giveaways? The first thing you need to do is to learn everything you can about your members and plan accordingly.

Reason #1 – There’s Something in It for Them
The first question anyone asks when they are asked to go out of their way for something is, “what’s in it for me?” Make sure that you promote the event at the conference hall by clearly stating exactly what is in it for those who attend. Different people have different goals and interests. Offer free food at the annual dinner held at the end of the conference, free lunches throughout, and unique activity opportunities. Host a fun, welcoming event on the first night, such as a bowling night, movie night, or a party with a theme.

Reason #2 – Real Time Opportunities
Make sure to market to your members that there will be unique opportunities to speak face-to-face with industry leaders, legislators, special guests, legal staff, or anyone else of interest. Host a networking party where your members can mingle with these individuals and have a chance to be heard in a casual, social setting.

Reason #3 – Offer Quality Content
Post a schedule of all the classes held during the training workshop in Massachusetts. Make sure to have classes at the Milford meeting room that include topics that are important to the membership, something that they can use to improve their situation in the workplace.

Reason #4 – Knowledge is Power
In addition to classes on specific subjects that are relative to the industry that you are in, make sure you are hosting a training seminar on how to be a better job steward, board member, or any other type of representative. Mini-arbitration classes can provide detailed information and support for those who feel they are ready to take grievances and union work to the next level.

Reason #5 – Location, Location, Location
Don’t go cheap on the location. Nobody wants to spend the day at the local fairgrounds for their annual union conference and training workshop in Massachusetts. Choose a conference hall that has plenty of space for all of your guests and speakers, as well as ample parking, and lots of great amenities for speakers and presentations. Visit our conference hall in Milford, MA and take a tour to see everything it has to offer.

Reason #6 – Side Trips
Let’s be honest, part of the reason why we go anywhere on business is to experience the location more fully. Make sure also to highlight tourist areas, restaurants, sporting venues, and other locations that might be of interest to your members. If they are coming all the way to Southeastern Massachusetts for a conference, they might as well get to see and taste a bit of New England while they are there.

Reason #7 – Word of Mouth
Did you have a great training workshop and conference last year? Did your members go back to work and tell everyone what a great time they had? If so, the chances are good that they spread the word and you will have more attendees at this year’s event at the Milford meeting room than you did last year.

Reason #8 – Elective Attendance
A large percentage of attendees for industry conferences and training workshops in Massachusetts stated that they enjoyed going to events if it was their choice to go. Nobody wants to be pushed into going somewhere that they don’t want to go.

Reason #9 – Affordable Cost
Some conferences price themselves right out of business, but a union conference and training workshop should be free to attend. However, other costs, such as hotels and dining, can really add up. Work with a local hotel to get a discounted price block. Choose a location that is convenient to the Milford meeting room, but make sure that there are enough amenities to get everyone excited about attending. Include as many lunches and dinners as you can, while also providing a Continental breakfast and snacks throughout the day.

Reason #10 – Time Off
It may already be in your contract to allow time off for union business, but that might only apply to board members and other representatives. Do what you can to ensure that members can get time off from work, offer advice and counsel that will help them get time off for travel and time at the event without worrying about missing days.

Visit The Crystal Room Conference Center in Milford
If you are planning a union conference and training workshop in Massachusetts, make sure to consider The Crystal Room Conference Center for your upcoming event. Great for hosting a training seminar, a professional meeting, or a larger expo at a conference hall. Make sure to give us a call at 508-478-7800 to schedule a tour where you can ask our on-site event coordinator any questions that you might have about our venue.