Top 7 Attendee Benefits of Educational Industry Conferences

top-7-benefitsWhen it comes time to begin planning your educational industry conference to be held at your local New England conference center, it is important to think about what the attendees of your event will get out of it. Why do attendees flock to your meeting room in Milford, MA? Do you offer them something that they can’t get by watching an online video or reading an article in an industry magazine? When they step foot in that Milford conference room, what are they hoping to find? Taking time to look at an industry conference from the attendee’s point of view can help you to plan an event that will have everybody talking and looking forward to year after year.

#1 – Something They Can Use
While it’s great to have seminars that talk about “hot topics” in the industry or go over basic skills that can help someone to build a better marketing mousetrap, you want your attendees to leave your educational industry conference with something that they can use in their daily work. Tech industries might go over new products and then show how they can be applied to increase efficiency or provide better monitoring coverage of data and statistics. Marketing industries may go over real-life situations where social media and interactive ad opportunities can be used to boost traffic, sales and return sales with target demographics. Whatever your business and however you sell it, the point is for your attendees to find something in that Milford conference room that they can take home and use.

#2 – Friendly Atmosphere
Welcome your attendees as they arrive for the event. Make everything easy to find, simple to use and train your staff to be as friendly and welcoming as possible. This is usually the first impression attendees will have of you and your event, so make sure it starts off on the right foot. Provide name tags, lanyards, a welcoming packet and anything else that will make their experience at the New England conference center more friendly and worthwhile.

#3 – Something to Get Them Excited
While you won’t likely have the opportunity to launch the latest and greatest next big thing at your local conference each year, make sure to feature something unique that will get your attendees excited and chatting about with other industry professionals. Whether it is an innovative method for doing something, a unique attendee-only opportunity to get involved in something beneficial or even a meet-and-greet with a well-known speaker or mentor, make sure there is something exciting planned for each event.

#4 – Networking Opportunities
Even if there isn’t a lot of business to business networking available in your specific industry, it is important for attendees to be able to network together, talk shop and interact with others who work in their trade. Alliances can be forged, new friendships can be made, meetings can be planned, new joint projects can be negotiated – when networking opportunities are provided, business gets done. Some people only attend educational industry conference events for the networking, so make sure you provide something of value for those attendees.

#5 – Good Refreshments
You could have the best conference in the world, but if you don’t serve refreshments or if the refreshments are not good, that’s the only thing people will talk about and remember. Make sure to offer coffee and all the fixings throughout the day, bottled water, soda pop and snacks at the bare minimum. Lunch should be available if it is an all-day workshop, especially if you expect people to attend both morning and afternoon sessions. Speak with the coordinator at the Milford conference room about setting up refreshments throughout the day.

#6 – Something to Take Home
In addition to learning something new, expanding knowledge on industry topics or participating in an interactive workshop, people like to have something tangible that they can take home. Sponsored events are great for this, as every sponsor wants to give something away to attendees that will help to brand their business and mark their participation in the event. Notable giveaways include branded smartphone accessories, such as ear buds, stylus pens and cases; office items, such as well-made pens, tablet cases, legal pad folders, etc.; and even computer items, such as a branded mouse, headphones, screen cleaner and more.

#7 – A Good Location
Unless you are taking the entire office to a Caribbean island for your conference, you at least want to provide them with a good local location that is easy to find, central enough to include attendees from the surrounding area and at a venue that is well-designed and appointed to handle everything you will need during the event. Northeastern businesses should look for a New England conference center that will meet all of their needs regarding location, options and opportunities for attendees. The Crystal Room Conference Center and Meeting Room in Milford, MA fits that bill nicely with availability for small, medium and large gatherings, tons of available parking and surprising amenities that will please your guests.

For more information on all of the opportunities, technology options and amenities available at The Crystal Room Conference Center, contact our event organizers by calling 508-478-7800 or by visiting our Milford conference room to take a tour. Whether you are planning a good szed educational industry conference or if you just want to hold a training meeting for your own local staff, we have everything you could ever need to make it a success! Give us a call today to reserve space for your next business event.