Top Corporate Party Planning Tips for New England Businesses

new england corporate party planningIf the biggest event you’ve ever planned was a kid’s birthday party for a child, you might feel that you are in over your head when it comes to corporate party planning. There’s a big difference between working with a team to host business seminars for office employees and planning a large-scale corporate party for the entire company. The first thing you need to do is locate a New England conference center that has enough space for everyone who will be attending the event. Corporate party planning tips should also include menu selections, appropriate entertainment options, and choosing a theme for the event. Once you find the best Milford conference hall for your corporate party, you can start working on all of the other details.

Identify the Purpose of the Party

Ask yourself a few basic questions to determine the purpose and goals of the corporate party. This is the best way to stay on track and make sure that you achieve your objective. It is easy to get sidetracked with too many options, so narrowing down your mission and ensuring that you stay focused is a great way to prevent this from happening. Think about who will be attending the event and how many guests you will be serving overall, as well as what you will be celebrating or the occasion that you will be marking. You will also want to know where you will host the event, such as a New England conference center like The Crystal Room Conference Center in Milford, MA.

The number of guests is essential, as you will want to find a Milford conference hall that can accommodate everyone effectively. Knowing what it is that you are celebrating is also helpful, as that will help you decide on a theme or focus for any decorations, menu items, desserts, and entertainment. As far as corporate party planning tips go, the more you can concentrate on achieving your objective and get organized right from the beginning, the easier it will be to stay in control. While there may be changes that occur throughout the process, an organized party planner should be able to adapt swiftly to still provide a professional and memorable experience for everyone involved. Stay in contact with the on-site event coordinator at The Crystal Room and let us know if anything changes as soon as you find out so we can help you with the arrangements.

Make Sure Everyone Knows

Unlike a birthday party or other personal celebration, when you host business seminars or plan a celebration event for your company, you need to go beyond a written invitation. Make sure employees are aware of the event and include all the essential information as soon as possible. The location of the event, the name of the venue, the date and time, as well as anything else your guests need to know should be included in the announcement. Think about the ways that your team communicates in the office. Each company has a different way of announcing events or providing information to employees. Whether that means using an intranet community calendar or posting something up on a bulletin board in the breakroom, the sooner you can post details, the better.

If you are planning a corporate party many weeks or months in advance, start by sending out a “save the date” notice to employees. This should be no less than six to eight weeks from the event at the New England conference center. Then you can post a regular invitation at your workplace about four weeks before the event and send out an additional reminder about two weeks prior. This should give ample notification without overwhelming your staff, yet make sure that everyone knows when, where, and why you are hosting a corporate party at the Milford conference hall. If employees are allowed to invite spouses, significant others, or have a “plus one” at the gathering, make sure to make a note of this as well. Family-friendly events should also be well-marked, letting employees know it’s okay to bring children. If you have kid-friendly activities and treats for the families, make sure to note that as well.

Create an Event Schedule

The best parties are planned down to the minute and filled with entertaining activities, features, and fun. Delegate individual employees to assist with managing the event or consider hiring a professional event planner to ensure that everything goes according to plan. Work with the Milford conference hall for everything from catering to drinks, entertainment, and other essential vendors. If you want to hire a photographer, offer a photo booth, or have a special celebration cake on display, make sure to discuss your needs with the New England conference center. The Crystal Room Conference Center has a list of pre-vetted vendors and can provide you with information on license and insurance requirements for vendors not already included on our list.

Ready to start planning your big event? Contact our team by calling 508-478-7800. We can answer any questions that you might have about corporate party planning tips or options to host business seminars, conferences, meetings, and more at our Milford conference hall.